Can colleagues in Electric forklift manufacturers become friends?


Published by NEWTON December 03,2021

electric forklift manufacturers

   There are many departments within electric forklift manufacturers, and each colleague's relationship is generally based on work needs. If you get in touch with each other at work, you may become friends, but at the same time, there may be conflicts. For example, the relationship between business and after-sales is very delicate. When a business sells a batch of walkie rider pallet jack, the lifting will be related to after-sales. After-sales service to customers is directly related to the customer rebate rate of the business. Whether colleagues can become friends, we can look at it dialectically. The harmony between people does not necessarily have to be a relationship such as relatives or friends. It can also be like-minded colleagues.

   In a cross-age workplace, there are several typical colleague relationships:

   (1) False and true colleagues for profit

  This kind of relationship that is only for cooperation should be common in the workplace. If there is interest, there are people who share the interest. The company is the law of the interest, but the implementer of the rules is the person, and the person is the core key to determine how the benefits are distributed. Electric forklift manufacturers are no exception. "Working with ease", "sloppy", and "brothers" are all common pseudo-colleague relationships. To tell if you are a genuine colleague, you only need to look at whether you can still get along with each other in harmony without the immediate interests of equal and inter-level interests. If you can, the personality and hobbies above are similar, and you have the potential to become a true friend. If it is not established, it is pure interest cooperation, and the company is a bridge, so it is enough to maintain a good working relationship. Walkie rider pallet jack salesman only needs to do business well and do the after-sales according to the procedures, don’t think too much.

electric forklift manufacturers

   (2) I refuse all colleagues to become true friends, which is not conducive to personal growth. Very few people will work in a company for a lifetime, and the same is true within electric forklift manufacturers. Especially the walkie rider pallet jack business position is extremely mobile. Therefore, the transformation of the workplace is a common phenomenon of life changes. When colleagues separate or leave by themselves, if there is no friend relationship to maintain, and when the relationship between colleagues ends, they will become strangers. A society is made up of people. Whether people are connected carefully or not determines how many people you can rely on or get help from. If you want to achieve greater results in life, you must try to unite with people who can unite, not automatically build a fortress for the relationship between colleagues, and thinking about opening the door for conversion between colleagues and friends is good for personal development in the long run.

   (3) Can colleagues have a lover or lover relationship?

   In the era of commodity economy, the vitality of enterprises is more vigorous. There is no provision in the new corporate rules and regulations that do not allow internal employees to have a relationship between lovers and spouses. At least electric forklift manufacturers have no such regulations. This problem, this kind of relationship is sometimes inevitable. The nature of the relationship between people is interpersonal or ignorance. No matter how strong the company’s articles of association can change people’s feelings, acquaintance does not want to have such a relationship is beneficial to the company’s development, but interpersonal relationship The relationship between people is the essence of the relationship between people in society, so this issue must be treated dialectically. For example, the business of selling walkie rider pallet jack and the tacit understanding of after-sales personnel will be more conducive to work and improve work efficiency. The intersection of simple and more real levels must be stopped, and the company system restrictions shall be used to let me make a decision without considering the consequences of my own.

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