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Published by NEWTON September 16,2022

American psychologist Roberts Sim once said: "between intelligence and loyalty, the boss will always choose the latter." At all times and in all countries, the vast majority of enterprises will put loyalty first when recruiting talents. A person's wisdom and ability are important, but for an employee, loyalty is more important. Electric forklift manufacturer believe that people's ability can be improved with the increase of experience, but loyalty is a kind of character, which proves a person's deep-rooted quality and accomplishment. It is valuable to have such a good character.


When a person joins an enterprise, he becomes an employee of the enterprise. To advance, retreat and grow together with the enterprise, and to realize his career ideal, he must create more value for the enterprise. This requires employees to be loyal to the enterprise, faithful to work and sincere to others. Electric forklift manufacturer believe that the sense of responsibility and loyalty of employees is of great value to enterprises and is a magic weapon for enterprises to win in the fierce market competition.

Successful scientists have found through research that among the many factors that determine a person's career success, ability and knowledge literacy only account for 20%, professional skills account for 40%, and 100% loyalty and dedication are the necessary conditions for a person to succeed in the workplace. Therefore, a successful scientist sighed: "if you are loyal, you will certainly succeed." Electric forklift manufacturer believe that such a person will not only have a great career in work, but also be invincible on the road of life.


In China's four famous works——The Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Lv Bu, a fierce general, was despised by later generations for his disloyalty, and Guan Yu, a great general, was famous for his loyalty to Liu Bei. For ordinary people, on the road of life, there are not many important things that need to be decided with wisdom, but there are many small things that need to be implemented with practical actions. Electric forklift manufacturer often tell employees that to achieve outstanding achievements, it is better to be down-to-earth and start from the seemingly small thing of loyalty to the enterprise to lay a solid foundation for success.

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