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Published by NEWTON December 03,2021

Forklift manufacturers in china 

   Forklift manufacturers in china is a large group composed of multiple teams, from production, sales to after-sales customer service, to technical support and so on. There are countless individuals in such a small team. In such a big family, what is the relationship between the team and the individual? From the perspective of basic needs, the team's appeal is: there is a system and order, everyone is united, and the pursuit of performance. The personal appeal is: the ability to be used, the realization of personal value, and the pursuit of freedom. For example, in a sales team, when selling a double electric pallet jack, the sales performance of the team is inseparable from the efforts of everyone, but the individual sales performance must be achieved by themselves, and each person’s sales skills are different. Generally speaking, the relationship between the team and the individual is mutually reinforcing and mutually reinforcing. This is mainly reflected in the following three points:

   (1) Excessive personal freedom can hinder the growth of the team

The education we have received since childhood is that unity is strength. All people are united in one heart and united as one. The teachings without exception prove that team energy is greater than individual energy. The company’s rules and regulations, assembly lines, and types of work are all set up to limit and standardize individual actions and thoughts. , So that all forklift manufacturers in china can handle work affairs in a unified system, reduce the company's operating costs, and safeguard the company's interests. If the imagination of breaking the rules is presented many times during the process of selling double electric pallet jack, the company will be deeply passive, and the price that contains personal error will need to be continuously evaluated (acceptable and dismissed or dismissed if it is unacceptable), directly push High company operating costs, every company owner or management will try to avoid such a situation, on this side, the vested interest is the company.

Forklift manufacturers in china 

   (2) Loss of freedom will kill the company’s vitality

  In forklift manufacturers in china, the individual is the source of the vitality of the team. The vitality of the individual comes from the freedom of the individual, and the freedom of the individual is the essential factor that opens up individual differences. Double electric pallet jack has participated in personal sales skills and personal style in the sales process. Due to personal growth and different levels of education, every person who joins the work has a huge difference in thinking. Differences in thinking can lead to conflicts in thinking. Advanced thinking comes from the result of constant collisions and conflicts. The world is constantly changing. Yes, if personal freedom is completely restricted, the company will lose its vitality from the source, cause the company to stagnate, and even lead to the collapse of the company or a reshuffle.

   (3) The individual promotes the improvement of the team, and the team leads the individual to move forward.

   Forklift manufacturers in china, every team that forms a team needs a leader, and the leader must be an excellent person, who can have the methods and skills to achieve the goal of progress. Excellent individuals will continue to improve the company's system, allowing those with poor abilities to learn, innovate, and make progress. Excellent people do not have outstanding personal performance, how many double electric pallet jacks have been sold, but how many performances have been achieved by leading everyone together. Achieving a balance between the two is the main prerequisite for weighing whether a company is good or not.

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