What is the source of the work power of the electric hydraulic forklift salesper


Published by NEWTON December 02,2021


As a business person of an electric hydraulic forklift, everyone has a different rhythm and method when facing work, and the source of work power may also be different. If it is for a feeling work, it should be the highest state, but this is the case. How many people are there? Most of the source of our work enthusiasm is more practical needs. Yesterday, President Qiu sent a lot of emotions in the group, with more than 500 words, which shows that the emotions are quite deep.

Mr. Qiu wrote: "I came to Shanghai from the customer in Cangnan this afternoon. The electric hydraulic forklift dealer in Shanghai sent a salesman to the station to pick me up, got in the salesman's car and started chatting. This business works on the customer's side. After 6 years, I bought this car in Shanghai and bought a house in my hometown in Shandong. I asked him how much sales a year is. He said it was about 8 million this year; it was more than 13 million the year before; I said how much your commission is, but he said it is not necessarily According to the company’s regulations, the profit is 10%. If you sell more than that, there will be a reward; then I asked him, what are the tips for selling small electric forklifts when you do business? What is the motivation for your work? He said: No matter whether you are new or old Customers are all new customers to follow up. As long as the customer does not die, I will keep following up. I sort out the customer follow-up form half an hour in advance every morning. If there is no transaction, I will start to follow up; then I asked, working enthusiastically like you Wouldn't your customers bother you if you are upsurged? He said, it’s better to bother me than not to give me orders; I said if any customers blocked you? He said no, I said it’s impossible, you are so annoying every day, customers don’t block You are strange, he said, I always say hello every day, asking customers what they have concerns about small electric forklifts. I was talking from the perspective of helping customers solve problems, so he was naturally embarrassed to block me. NS.


His most classic sentence hit my heart. He said, I am a foreigner, and I work hard here. I am a salesperson of an electric hydraulic forklift without a backing. Why should I get stuck? Isn't it because of this enthusiasm? Do you keep working hard in exchange for your current results? Seeing that others drive well, eat well, and don’t rent a house, I want it too! This is the source of motivation for my work.

Later I asked him, haven't you thought about not doing the small electric forklift business and doing other industries? He said, it's the same in any industry, if you don't work hard, you don't have any enthusiasm for work, you can't get anything, even if you give you 100 million, it will be spent. "What do you think after reading this text? What do you want to say about work motivation?

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