Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us

Professional pallet lift truck manufacturer offers electric lift truck

In the era of rapid development of the logistics industry, the pallet lift truck, which is known as the “God of Handling”, plays a huge role in the logistics field. In recent years, electric lift truck will be more and more popular among users. NEW NEW TON Co., Ltd. has 15 years of experience. Experience in the production and sale of handling equipment such as forklifts. Facing the broad market prospects of electric pallet lift truck, NEW NEW TON Co., Ltd. introduces advanced technology and has professional technicians to create the handling equipment such as forklifts that best meet the needs of customers. What are the market advantages of the electric lift truck of NEW NEW TON Co., Ltd.?

Product advantages

1. electric pallet lift truck have obvious advantages in energy saving and environmental protection.Electric lift truck have low noise, no exhaust emissions, and low cost of use and maintenance. In addition, the electric pallet lift truck has simple and flexible operation control, and its operation intensity is light. Its electric steering system, acceleration control system, hydraulic control system and brake system are all controlled by electrical signals, which greatly reduces the labor intensity of operators. , thus improving work efficiency and the accuracy of work.


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2. The time required for electric lift truck maintenance is low.Since the maintenance interval of the electric pallet lift truck is long and the time required for each maintenance is small, the labor cost required for maintenance is greatly saved.

3. The battery life of electric lift truck is long.The service life of the battery of the electric pallet lift truck truck is 1500 charge and discharge cycles, which translates into a working hour of about 10,000 hours for the forklift truck.

Service advantage

1. Improve the intimate "pre, middle and post" service advantages

Early advisory services:
Investigate customer situations and tailor the most cost-effective solutions for them

Comprehensive maintenance service:
For the one-year sale, the electric lift truck sold by NEW NEW TON Co., Ltd., in addition to the fragile accessories, can provide comprehensive warranty service, so that customers can worry and rest assured.

Value-added services:
Provide customers with a variety of value-added services such as safe operation and routine maintenance training, follow-up training and system training of NEW NEW TON Co., Ltd.


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2. Unique "product and service guarantee advantages"

Product warranty:
NEW NEW TON Co., Ltd. can provide various series of internal combustion counterbalanced pallet lift truck, electric counterbalance pallet lift truck, warehouse electric lift truck, tractors and logistics storage equipment with advanced technology, superior performance, stable and reliable quality, safe, economical and environmental protection.

Service guarantee:
NEW NEW TON Co., Ltd. has a dense and intensive service network, providing sufficient and convenient parts supply, high-quality service personnel, strong technical support and efficient and efficient after-sales service.

3. Professional maintenance and management talent advantage

NEW NEW TON Co., Ltd. has professional forklift maintenance personnel, including electric lift truck, stackers, trucks, lifting platform specialists. The management team of NEW NEW TON Co., Ltd. has more than 10 years of experience in the pallet lift truck industry, and has a good cooperative relationship with well-known electric lift truck manufacturers at home and abroad. We hope to develop into a comprehensive electric lift truck production and sales with multiple brands and performances. enterprise. Our professional maintenance talents, management talents and perfect service system not only ensure the normal use of vehicles in the enterprise, but also reflect the promise of NEW NEW TON Co., Ltd. in the market: we not only provide electric lift truckto customers, we want to let Customers are more enjoyment of our professional, fast, worry-free and efficient "nanny" integrated service.


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