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Published by NEWTON May 24,2024

Welcome to our new Newton forklift! Today we're going to talk about Halloween, the annual big festival! Can't wait to get dressed up and get ready for this magical and mysterious night? You ready? Then come with me to learn about the origin of Halloween and some interesting trivia!

The origin of Halloween

Halloween, also known as All Saints' Day, is a traditional holiday in the West on November 1 every year. It originated in England, where the early British Aboriginal Celts had a tradition of wearing special costumes and placing offerings in front of their homes and hanging jack-o-lanterns to comfort wandering ghosts. It was this tradition that evolved into today's Halloween. And October 31, the eve of Halloween, is the busiest time of the holiday. In Chinese, Halloween is often mistranslated as All Saints' Day. On this day, in order to appease the ghosts wandering in the world, people turn off the lights and place food and sweets in front of the houses for the spirits to enjoy. Over time, the act of commemorating the deceased has evolved into what is now a favorite among children, "trick-or-treating".

Halloween trivia

Halloween isn't just about a fun dress up and candy party, but also some trivia you might not know about!

(1) The eve of Halloween, on October 31 every year, is a traditional holiday in the West. Many people mistakenly refer to Halloween as Halloween.

(2) Jack-o-lanterns on Halloween are not strictly called jack-o'-lanterns, but should be called jack-o'-lanterns, and the original variety is zucchini.

(3) Halloween in Spain does not eat sweets, but eats "the bones of saints".

(4) Halloween in Ireland eats "dumplings wrapped in coins".

(5) Some cities in the United States refer to Halloween as "Cabbage Night."

These unique traditions and customs make Halloween even more colorful, don't they? Go show off your knowledge of Halloween Extra with your friends!
Halloween preparations

Before Halloween, you have to have a great time, and of course you have to be prepared! Here are some must-haves:

(1) Dress up: Choose from magicians, witches, zombies, vampires, and more to give yourself a stunning transformation!

(2) Jack-o'-lantern: Don't forget to get a gorgeous jack-o-lantern for Halloween and carve cute or scary faces to brighten up the magical atmosphere of the night!

(3) Candy: Prepare some delicious candy to welcome the children's "trick-or-treating" and let yourself enjoy the sweet moment of candy!

(4) Halloween Party: Invite your friends to a Halloween party for a night full of laughter and surprises!

Let's prepare together to keep Halloween enthusiastic and ready for this magical occasion!

Hopefully, my recommendations will help you spend Halloween better! Let's have fun, scary and beautiful together! Protect yourself, enjoy the magical Halloween vibe, and don't let trick-or-treat cuties catch you!

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