How are electric pallet stackers classified?


Published by NEWTON February 02,2024

 Electric pallet stacker

Electric pallet stacker truck, also known as stacker, pallet stacker electric pallet stacker forklift and pallet forklift are similar, stacking forklifts have lifting devices, can be loaded and unloaded, stacked, stacked and short-distance transportation operations of palletized goods wheeled handling vehicles. In addition, stacker trucks are divided into manual stacker trucks and electric stacker trucks. Among them, electric stacking trucks are divided into semi-electric and all-electric. It is suitable for operations in narrow passages and limited spaces, and is an ideal tool for loading and unloading in high-bay warehouses, supermarkets, workshops, and is usually used for lifting stacking and rack warehousing for the rapid handling of lightweight goods in the plane, with a maximum lifting of up to 5 meters. The classification of electric pallet stackers is divided according to their different features and functions. Here's an explanation of how to classify the types:

 Electric pallet stacker

1. Electric pallet stacker: This is a lightweight indoor lifting stacking equipment, and its main function is to carry out stacking operations. Due to the light weight of the body, it is suitable for handling small materials in floor-type warehouses or other narrow places.

2. Reach truck: The lifting mechanism of the reach forklift can move longitudinally back and forth. When forking the goods, the center of gravity of the goods will be concentrated in the four fulcrums formed by the wheels, so the reach truck has good flexibility and high lifting stability. It typically has a load range of 1 to 2.5 tonnes and a lifting height of up to 12 meters. It is suitable for places with narrow space and high lifting height requirements, and is often used in high-rise storage warehouses.

3. Electric forklift: Electric forklift can not only drive, but also have the main characteristics of counterbalanced forklift. Its three wheels can travel in one direction in unison at any angle, so it has steering flexibility. After forking the goods, it can be turned in place according to the site restrictions, so that the forklift can move in any direction. This model solves the problem of steering long materials in a narrow space, which greatly saves space. It is commonly used for diagonal palletizing and dismantling in trains and car cars.

4. Four-way electric forklift: The four-way electric forklift combines the functions of a reach truck, a side forklift, and a counterbalanced forklift. It is constructed in much the same way as a reach truck, with the mast between the front and rear wheels and two arm-shaped legs with support wheels at the front end of the legs that allow the forks to move longitudinally back and forth with the mast. The difference is that the two load-bearing wheels at the front end of the fork leg of the electric forklift can rotate 90° through the steering mechanism, so that the whole forklift can change from the front and rear driving state to the left and right driving state, similar to the side fork. This is particularly suitable for the handling of long materials in narrower aisles, which can often be less than 2 meters wide. However, due to the complex structure, the cost is higher.

5. VNA narrow aisle forklift: The main feature of VNA narrow aisle forklift is that its mast lifting mechanism can be rotated in three directions, and the car body does not need to rotate when stacking, only the fork or mast needs to be rotated. This significantly reduces the width of the channel. Currently, the width of the passage can be less than 1.8 meters. However, the width of the aisle also depends on the size of the tray. For example, it is still not possible to reduce the width of the aisle for a forklift truck handling long loads. In addition, in order to ensure the stability of lateral stacking, the overall weight of the VNA forklift is much larger than that of the three-fulcrum counterbalanced electric forklift, so the economy is slightly worse.

 Electric pallet stacker

These classifications are designed for the different features and functions of electric pallet stackers, and each type has its applicable occasions and advantages.

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