What are the daily maintenance of electric forklifts?


Published by NEWTON June 21,2024

Electric forklifts are important equipment in warehousing and logistics operations, and regular maintenance is crucial. The following guide provides comprehensive recommendations for electric forklift maintenance:


Check the shape of the forklift for signs of wear.

Observe if productivity decreases.

Check that the parts are in good condition.

Clean truck surfaces regularly to remove debris and dust, focusing on critical components such as fork frames, mast guides, generators, starters, batteries, water tanks, and air filters.

Check for looseness of fasteners, including fork frame supports, lifting chain tension screws, wheel screws, wheel retaining pins, brakes, and steering screws.

By following these maintenance guidelines, you can extend the life of your electric forklift, ensure its safe and reliable operation, and improve work efficiency.

Regularly inspect the chassis of the electric forklift for deformation or oil leakage.

Repair or replace damaged parts in time to ensure the stability and safety of the chassis.

Check your tires for debris and use compressed air to blow away dust.

Regularly inspect the machine for signs of rust, remove and apply anti-rust oil in time.

Pay attention to the rail door axles affected by sand and car washing, and apply anti-rust oil regularly to reduce squeaky noise.

Charge the battery in a well-ventilated environment and avoid the electrolyte temperature exceeding 50°C while charging.

Regularly check whether there is green oxide at the terminal of the electrode, and clean it in time to prevent the power from running low.

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