What are the advantages of the self loading pallet stacker?


Published by NEWTON June 23,2021

The self loading pallet stacker

The self loading pallet stacker can be roughly divided into two types today, one is the operator driving with the car;the other is the AGV fully automatic stacker, which is based on instructions issued by the computer to operate, move, store and take the goods effectively. Improve the work efficiency of the three-dimensional warehouse.
The birth and evolution of fully automatic stackers are evolving along with the evolution of warehouses. At the beginning, only pallet trucks can be used in traditional warehouses. Later, there were manual stackers, semi-electric stackers, and all-electric stackers. Stackers, AGV all-electric stackers, etc., and stackers can also be divided into hanging type and ground support type. Because the needs of customers are different and the usage scenarios are different, various forms of fully automatic stackers cannot simply summarize their advantages and disadvantages. They complement each other. The ultimate goal is to serve the warehousing industry, and it is only because of the rich variety that they are given to warehousing. The industry has brought many conveniences.

The self loading pallet stacker

In terms of the total sales volume of the whole year in 2020 in the past, the sales volume of the floor-supported automatic stacker is larger. One is that it is more cost-effective, and the other is that it is convenient to use, which is suitable for warehouses with lower budgets. It is a very good choice, it can be moved at will, applied to various places, between shelves.
So, what are the specific advantages of the fully automatic stacker?
In the event of an accident: When the AGV intelligent system has an accident or an emergency, if it needs to stop the operation, the stacker will sound an alarm to remind it.
Overweight: Generally, electric stacker manufacturers will install a load safety valve on the stacker. If it is overweight, the fork will not be able to rise, and a protective net will be installed on the stacker mast.
Safety warning lights: Safety warning lights are generally installed on the stacker, which will give warnings when the stacker is operating, turning, stopping, etc.
Customized automatic stacker: The elevated load of the automatic stacker can be customized.

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