The difference between cheap forklifts and ordinary forklifts


Published by NEWTON August 19,2022

 cheap forklifts

Have you heard of cheap forklifts? Many people must not have heard of it, and they must be asking, have I heard of off-road cycling, off-road and forklifts? Electric forklift manufacturers gave us the specific answer, yes, what is the difference between that and our common forklifts, and how is the price/performance ratio? This is what we want to know. In fact, the performance of cheap forklifts and ordinary forklifts is very different. Not the same, cheap forklifts are also introduced into our country later, affirming his nature, the work is more than our ordinary forklifts.

First of all, cheap forklifts are very different from ordinary forklift drives. We all know that the drive of a vehicle is an important feature of itself. Then our cheap forklifts are driven by high-chassis four-wheel (single-row or double-row) four-wheel drive. , with good passability and off-road all-wheel drive. There is no differential between the axles, and large-diameter wide-base off-road tires are used. The ground clearance of the vehicle is more than 300mm and the departure angle is more than 30°. The chassis is high and the tires are large to cope with various complex terrain conditions, and are mostly used in the field. The ordinary forklift is rigid, the front wheel is the driving wheel, and the rear wheel is the steering wheel. No off-road performance. The chassis is low and the body is small, and it is mostly used in workshops or places with better ground conditions and infrastructure. Electric forklift manufacturers emphasize that generally four-wheel drive cheap forklifts are located outside the general forklift owners.

 cheap forklifts

In fact, it is modified by the loader. The difference between four-wheel drive cheap forklifts and ordinary forklifts is that compared with ordinary forklifts, four-wheel drive cheap forklifts have better off-road performance and more horsepower, mainly solving the problems of climbing mountains and driving on muddy roads. Electric forklift manufacturers remind us that cheap forklifts have more performance in outdoor fields than our ordinary forklifts, which greatly changes the place where ordinary forklifts are limited in the wild.

No matter which forklift it is, the choice should be based on the actual scene and application to choose the vehicle that suits us. This is the same as buying anything, we have to choose what is suitable for us, and we don’t have to pursue what is bigger than our own reality.

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