CPD30 3t Lithium Battery Counterbalanced Forklift Truck User Guide

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    Published by NEWTON July 12,2024


    Scope of application and use environment

    1.2 Main Uses

    Handling and stacking palletized goods: Forklifts are mainly used to move goods placed on pallets and stack them at a certain height.

    Handling non-palletized goods: Equipped with the right attachments, it can be used to move and stack goods that are not placed on pallets.

    It is forbidden to use forklifts for other purposes such as traction and carrying people.

    1.3 Working Environment

    1.3.1 Ground conditions

    Lithium battery counterbalanced forklifts should work in a flat, firm road or ground with good ventilation.

    The performance of lithium battery counterbalanced forklifts is affected by ground conditions, and the driving speed needs to be adjusted according to the actual situation.

    When driving on slopes or rough roads, you should take extra care to ensure that you can stop in time.

    1.3.2 Climatic conditions

    Ice and snow roads: Snow chains should be installed before driving, and sharp acceleration, sudden stops, and sharp turns should be avoided.

    WARNING: After installing the snow chain, the grip is enhanced, but the unilateral slip anti-slip performance is reduced, attention should be taken.

    Windy weather: Outdoor work in windy weather should be avoided as much as possible, as high winds can affect the driver's vision and may cause unstable loading.

    Cold season: Lithium battery counterbalanced forklifts should pay attention to the charging temperature, the normal charging temperature range of the battery is 5-40°, do not use it in an environment beyond the normal charging temperature range.

    Be sure to follow these safety guidelines to ensure safe operation and extend the life of your equipment.

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