Does buying small electric forklif only look at the forklift quotation?


Published by NEWTON August 19,2022

small electric forklif

When a friend chooses small electric forklif, the first priority is to put all the forklift quotations together, and then directly eliminate the higher-priced and ultra-low-priced ones. Look at the 1.5 ton electric forklift is no exception. (A friend asked why we eliminated the ultra-low prices? This is the public shopping psychology. Even if I usually buy things, I would not buy things that are too cheap and inconsistent with the low prices. I don’t even look at them.)

But there are exceptions to everything. In the early selection of small electric forklif, we can classify it by configuration first. Is this more rigorous? In addition to configuration, after-sales service can also be considered. This is to enrich the stratification of forklift quotations.

The configuration classification is to list the main parts of the electric forklift we need, domestic controllers, electric motors, and batteries are imported. The main components of the small electric forklif should be the controller, the motor, the thick battery, and the steel door frame. These components can be the main reference factors. The same is true for 1.5 ton electric forklifts. Secondly, we can see the additional functions of the forklift according to the quotation of the forklift. Is there a limit device? Is the mast lifting completely free? Whether the fork is a forged fork or a plate fork. Is there an emergency direction function and so on. These items can be listed in a table, and then give them a score. The salesperson of the new Newton forklift will usually confirm their configuration list and price to the customer before the transaction, so that the customer can know at a glance where their money is spent. Forklift manufacturers in china are obliged to remind customers whether the small electric forklif they are choosing now meets his needs.

small electric forklif

I thought of a customer who had been chatting for many days before, and it was only when he finally placed an order that he realized that the one he was looking at was not what he wanted. Some information in our previous chat was ignored by him. He only saw that the forklift offer was what he wanted. Fortunately, we sent a configuration order to the customer for confirmation. If the order is placed without confirmation, both parties will suffer losses. The final customer chose our other 1.5 ton electric forklift.

After listing the above items of small electric forklif, we can also add after-sales service items: How many years is the warranty? How to repair, how to replace damaged parts, and how about the cost of on-site repair? What do you say about repairing and replacing parts after the warranty period? If the customer wants to order a 1.5-ton electric forklift now, how much can the forklift load after it reaches the highest level? Can it be fully loaded with 1.5 tons? In short, we need to take a little bit of attention away from the forklift quotation.

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