Basic Principles for Assembly and Adjustment of Electric Forklift Parts


Published by NEWTON June 21,2024

 Electric Forklift Parts

Basic Principles for Assembly and Adjustment of Electric Forklift Parts
The assembly process of electric forklift manufacturers is an important link in determining the quality of mechanical maintenance and repair. During assembly, attention should be paid to the following points:
The assembled components themselves must meet the specified technical requirements. In order to ensure the maintenance and repair quality of the machinery, any unqualified parts are not allowed to be assembled onto the machinery. For this reason, the components must be carefully inspected before assembly.
2. The correct fitting size must be selected to meet the fitting accuracy requirements. Many parts in maintenance and repair are selected, repaired, or adjusted to meet this requirement, and these methods must be applied correctly.
3. Pay attention to the assembly procedure of electric forklift components. The assembly process is generally carried out based on the principles of first in, then out, first difficult, then easy, and first precise, then general.


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4. Electric forklift manufacturers will choose appropriate assembly methods and tools when assembling and adjusting parts. For static mating parts, corresponding press machines should be used to assemble or heat the containing parts (such as hole parts) and cool the containing parts (such as shaft parts). To avoid damaging parts and improve work efficiency, special tools should be used.
5. Pay attention to the cleaning and lubrication of electric forklift parts. The assembled parts must be thoroughly cleaned; Apply a clean lubricant that is consistent with the working condition to the relative moving surface of the mating parts.
6. Pay attention to the sealing during assembly. The specified sealing structure and sealing materials should be used, and substitutes should not be used arbitrarily. Pay attention to the quality and cleanliness of the sealing surface, pay attention to the assembly method and tightness of the sealing components, and use appropriate sealant for static sealing
7. Pay attention to locking the safety device.
8.During the assembly process of electric forklifts, electric forklift manufacturers attach great importance to the quality inspection of intermediate links.

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