Certain operations are prohibited when using electric forklift truck?


Published by NEWTON September 17,2021

Forklifts play an important role in our production and life. Nowadays, there are many kinds of forklift equipment on the market. With the increase in demand, the sales volume of various forklifts continues to rise. The most popular among them is the electric forklift truck, which not only saves energy and reduces pollution, but also has high work efficiency and improves corporate efficiency. But as a kind of mechanical equipment, we must pay attention to the safe operation of the vehicle when using it and prohibit illegal operations. The following electric forklift truck suppliers will talk about the prohibitions on the operation of electric forklifts in detail.

electric forklift truck suppliers

1. First of all, the center of gravity of the electric forklift truck cannot exceed the load center, because once the center of gravity exceeds the load center, the longitudinal stability of the forklift will be reduced, and there is a great safety hazard.

2. The electric forklift truck must ensure its stability when stacking goods. If the goods are not stacked, they will easily fall off, posing a serious safety threat to personnel.

3. It is strictly forbidden to stand on the electric forklift truck when the forklift is driving. This will not only affect the normal driving of the forklift, but also easily cause safety accidents.

electric forklift truck suppliers

4. In addition to some prohibitions on the equipment itself, there are also requirements for electric forklift truck operators. It is forbidden to drive the forklift after drinking; the forklift company must provide professional training to the driver before the operator can start work.

The above are the prohibited operation items when using electric forklifts explained by the manufacturers of electric forklift truck suppliers. The operators must strictly abide by the safety operation rules to avoid accidents. If you want to know more related questions, you are welcome to contact us.

electric forklift truck suppliers

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