When does the clutch plate of the electric pallet stacker need to be replaced?


Published by NEWTON January 07,2022

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We know that there are many important parts of the electric pallet stacker, and the clutch is one of them. Its quality is closely related to the safety of the driver. The clutch is a very important part of the electric pallet stacker, and it is related to the safety of the driver. People usually classify clutch plates as vulnerable parts of forklifts. Do they need to be replaced frequently? However, according to electric forklift manufacturers china, this is not the case. The clutch plates are actually replaced every few years. Some customers and friends even have some forklifts in the process of using the forklift, and even use the clutch sheet to heat up and become burnt. Some friends will ask when will they be changed? The following electric forklift manufacturers china gives some summary for your reference. If the following points appear, make a replacement judgment.

When the electric pallet stacker climbs uphill, the traction is obviously insufficient, and it is very difficult to travel. And the more the clutch is used, it will emit a burning smell after driving for a period of time. In such a situation, we can consider that the clutch disc needs to be replaced.

electric forklift manufacturers china

In fact, electric forklift manufacturers china suggests that you can check whether there is any problem with the clutch plate of the electric pallet stacker in daily use. Electric pallet stacker introduces a very simple detection method to everyone: the driver first puts on the first gear, then pulls on the handbrake or step on the brake, and then starts. During this process, if the engine of the equipment is not stalled, then we can directly determine that the clutch disc needs to be replaced.

Start with 1st gear. When the driver feels that the clutch is not level, the electric pallet stacker will feel jerky before and after the electric pallet stacker. The pressure plate, stepping, and lifting of the clutch will have a jerky feeling. At this time, the forklift clutch plate needs to be replaced. Electric forklift manufacturers china If you can hear the sound of metal friction every time you lift the clutch, it may be that the clutch disc has been worn seriously, so the clutch disc should be replaced.

In addition, we also want to remind everyone that the electric pallet stacker engine cannot support fast running. When the front gear or the second gear engine is driving at low speed, the accelerator is suddenly stepped on to the end. Electric forklift manufacturers china say that if you feel the speed is obviously rising but the speed is not When accelerating greatly, it means that the device's clutch is slipping, and the clutch disc needs to be replaced.

The above is how to determine the content of the electric pallet stacker clutch plate that needs to be replaced.