When the cold is cold, is your electric elite forklift ready?


Published by NEWTON August 19,2022

The risk of accidents related to electric elite forklift is always increased in winter. When the weather becomes cold, using electric reach lift forklift in bad weather conditions, those who are not trained or experienced enough electric elite forklift operators may encounter a series of impact reach lift forklift. Seasonal issues for safe and effective use.

Protective measures for electric elite forklift operators

Even the most experienced reach lift forklift drivers work under harsh weather conditions. To ensure that electric elite forklift operators focus on the work of electric reach lift forklift on hand in a warm and safe environment, they need windproof jackets, multi-layered warm clothing, hats and gloves. Due to the low visibility in inclement weather, it should also be ensured that the clothing is highly recognizable. The work unit should also encourage electric elite forklift operators to take regular breaks indoors, away from the mental and physical fatigue caused by continuous weather.

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Electric reach lift forklift protection

In the cold winter, the protection of electric elite forklift is as important as operator protection.

1. Configure a high-quality electric reach lift forklift cab to reduce the risk of electric forklift operators driving electric elite forklift under harsh conditions.

2. Electric forklifts use pneumatic tires instead of solid tires to provide better electric forklift stability under harsh conditions. When the ground is completely covered by ice and snow, the electric reach lift forklift can not use the pneumatic tire to drive, the electric elite forklift can use the tire chain and bolt to provide the grip of the additional electric reach lift forklift.

3. When faced with frost and snow, lay gravel on the outdoor site in advance to prevent electric elite forklift and pedestrians from slipping.

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Protective measures for electric reach lift forklift attachments

For many electric elite forklift workplaces, it is common to use electric reach lift forklift to clean up snow. Using a snow shovel will help remove snow from the road to keep the floor clean and safe. You can also choose to use the optomechanist to sand the loading area and the working area to improve the friction of the electric elite forklift and enhance the safety of the electric reach lift forklift.

Electric elite forklift maintenance method

Winter maintenance of electric reach lift forklift is essential to maintain the safe and safe use of electric elite forklift. Electric reach lift forklift are expensive to repair at any time of the year. But if we rely on our usual maintenance of electric elite forklift, electric reach lift forklift will keep running smoothly during the winter, which can greatly reduce the cost of electric elite forklift. Therefore, it should be ensured that the annual maintenance and periodic inspection of electric reach lift forklift trucks should be carried out in accordance with the plan. Your electric elite forklift should be stored in a dry place. If necessary, use a battery heater or insert a battery to avoid the battery of the electric reach lift forklift. Ensuring the use of electric elite forklift diesel suitable for freezing temperatures and the use of high quality electric reach lift forklift hydraulic fluids, some special electric elite forklift additives can be used to prevent fuel freezing or gelation.

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