Forklift manufacturers in china pay attention to which important components of s


Published by NEWTON November 29,2021

small electric forklift

After the small electric forklift has undergone repeated updates, the overall performance has been much better than in the past, and the technology has become more mature. But after all, it is used for cargo handling and stacking, and its update seems to never keep up with demand. forklift manufacturers in china——New Newton forklifts are currently being updated in technology. It is hoped that a battery forklift with a larger load, higher elevation and stronger safety performance can be manufactured.

When the small electric forklift has been in a high-intensity working environment for a long time, the battery is charged and discharged frequently, and the hydraulic system has always been in a high-intensity working state. This is really a very high challenge for the components of a mini electric forklift.

small electric forklift

The circuit system of a small electric forklift mainly consists of a controller, steering gear, contactor, accelerator and so on. forklift manufacturers in china, when choosing the controller, the American Curtis is generally used. This controller is relatively stable and easy to use after practical tests. The performance of mini electric forklift depends not only on the quality of one of its components, but also on the compatibility of its entire power system and hydraulic system. To prove this, the new Newton forklift has made a lot of efforts, and tried various combinations of controllers and contactors at home and abroad in order to find the most cost-effective configuration of the small electric forklift. It is not ideal in all cases. The electric stacker we use now It is obtained after rigorous practical testing. As forklift manufacturers in china, we are willing to devote time and energy to produce qualified mini electric forklift with low failure rate. This not only improves the customer experience, but also saves a lot of after-sales troubles. It is good for everyone.

The lift of the small electric forklift uses the lifting function of the hydraulic system. The hydraulic system includes hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic pipelines. The work of the hydraulic system needs to be stable and smooth. A high-quality hydraulic system can make the lifting fork rise and fall stably and reduce the jitter of the goods. The electro-hydraulic system is also an important component that forklift manufacturers in china pay attention to.

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