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Published by NEWTON June 23,2022

electric pallet stacker1 ton

Forklift truck manufacturers' fully electric pallet stacker1 ton batteries are commonly called lead-acid batteries and lithium batteries, but now they are transforming to lithium batteries and new energy. However, this cannot be changed at once. At present, domestic forklift batteries still account for the majority of lead-acid batteries. Therefore, we have a reason to learn about the relevant knowledge of lead-acid batteries, so that our daily maintenance of batteries and related stop losses.

Forklift truck manufacturers believe that even the maintenance staff of fully electric pallet stacker1 ton will have some knowledge blind spots and often fail to realize their wrong operation methods. What you don't know is that such wrong operations will be largely It will shorten the service life of the battery by 1-3 years and will definitely cause financial losses. Let's take a look at some of the wrong operations about forklift lead-acid batteries.

Inaccurate charging operation is a serious problem. Almost all fully electric pallet stacker1 ton operators charge when they are idle. In fact, we need to set up a charging plan when installing the battery system, which can extend the lifespan and save a lot of cash. Different facilities need to choose different types of charging systems. When battery capacity begins to decrease, all batteries have a limited number of charges, and forklift truck manufacturers would like to tell you that most industrial batteries are basically at 1,500 charge cycles, which is equivalent to 5 years of regular use.

electric pallet stacker1 ton

An inaccurate rehydration process can also damage the battery. In order to keep the fully electric pallet stacker1 ton powered, it is necessary to perform the right steps at the right time. If you add water before the battery is fully charged, you may spill and lose some sulfuric acid and lose the electrolyte balance weight, which will cause the voltage to go wrong. If this process is repeated repeatedly, the surrounding environment will also overflow with sulfuric acid, and the correct operation is to add it once every 1-3 weeks. forklift truck manufacturers recommend regularly monitoring the water level of the forklift battery.

Using the wrong charger will also bring a lot of trouble to the fully electric pallet stacker1 ton lead-acid battery. The chargers used by many companies will be too large or too small. They are all moved from old batteries. Doing so will hurt the batteries, because the chargers are specially designed for batteries of a specific size and capacity. Forklift truck manufacturers remind everyone Not to be used indiscriminately.

In addition, forklift truck manufacturers want to tell everyone that unreasonable charging and operating temperature will also damage the battery. Lead-acid batteries are suitable for operation in temperatures of 30-90 degrees Fahrenheit, outside this range will be adversely affected. Likewise, the ideal temperate range for forklift battery charging is usually 50-86 degrees Fahrenheit.

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