How to repair the harbor freight pallet jack if it can't lift up?


Published by NEWTON August 19,2022

harbor freight pallet jack

There is a saying that goes well, as long as something moves, it will break sometimes. This is true. No matter how good the performance is when you buy it, what kind of thing it is, no matter how good it is, he is sure. When it is broken, it is the same as our car. Besides, it will also have to be repaired. Whether it is a big or a small matter, the same is true for our harbor freight pallet jack. Let's compare the harbor freight pallet jack here. For the more common problems, let our electric forklift manufacturers give us popular science, in order to facilitate ourselves.

harbor freight pallet jack It may be that the wear gap between the valve stem and the valve body is too large. The repair kit of the oil cylinder can be disassembled and replaced. All the spare parts are normal. The disassembly and inspection are carried out in the following order: first disassemble and raise the fixed upper side of the top edge of the caster angle of the oil cylinder kingpin. screw, then loosen the sealing cover on the surface of the cylinder, then install the oil seal and O-ring on the top of the sealing cover, and then install the new one, and then go deep into the bottom of the cylinder to remove the upper oil seal, and then install the new one. , and then tighten the cylinder head after all disassembly and installation are completed. electric forklift manufacturers remind us that we must pay attention to the cover tightly so that the oil does not leak out.

harbor freight pallet jack

Then it is to deal with the harbor freight pallet jack, loosen the transmission chain, remove it from the handle pin, then remove the handle pin and get the handle. Then disassemble the hydraulic cylinder above the small cylinder and remove the torsion spring. Then remove all the oil seals inside, remove the oil seals and O-rings on the clothes rack, and then install them in order. Electric forklift manufacturers tell us that if it still doesn't work, we can find a regular repair shop for repair.

This may only be a part of it. If it is not for this problem, you can go to a regular repair shop to repair it. After all, at this time, our living tools are also related to our safety. If it is not repaired in time, it will affect our safety and work. There is no benefit, affecting the efficiency of our work.

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