How to prevent the electric pallet stacker from tipping over?


Published by NEWTON June 23,2022

electric pallet stacker

If you pay attention to the tipping accident of electric pallet stacker while driving, you can completely avoid the accident by strictly following the requirements of forklift manufacturers in china.

First of all, let’s look at the main reasons for a tipping accident:

If the electric pallet stacker walks around when the cargo is raised, it is easy to tip over. One is that the center of gravity of the cargo is unstable when the cargo is raised. If the small electric forklift has a large movement, it will cause the forklift to tip over.

If a small electric forklift encounters potholes in the process of driving, you should drive carefully and do not brake suddenly. Don't make an emergency turn. Keep driving smoothly, so that the goods are stable on the forks without abnormal shaking. Drive cautiously in rainy and snowy weather, especially on up and down slopes. It is one of the most prone to tipping of the electric pallet stacker.

Some of the small electric forklifts produced by forklift manufacturers in china have the function of tilting forward and backward. Avoid using the forward tilting function of the electric pallet stacker when lifting goods. If you tilt forward, the center of gravity will shift and it will easily tip over. An unbalanced load of a forklift will cause the center of gravity to shift, and the shift in the center of gravity is the culprit that overturns the truck at any time.

Do not drive with cargo without confirming whether the forklift is on a smooth road, let alone overload and unbalanced load. Overload unbalanced load is also one of the main reasons for the tipping of the small electric forklift.

The electric pallet stacker is forbidden to hoist goods. Hoisting goods means that the goods are tied to the double or single fork of the small electric forklift with ropes when the pallet is not applicable. This loading method can easily cause the electric pallet stacker to tip over. When the forklift of the forklift is raised, the goods will shake when it encounters an uneven road surface, which will cause the forklift to shake and tip over.

Forklift manufacturers in china remind everyone to strictly abide by the forklift driving safety protocol when driving a small electric forklift, and don't get lucky on safety issues. To avoid an electric pallet stacker from tipping over accidents, you must start with the small things you think.

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