Learn how to maintain the new mini electric forklift with electric forklift manu


Published by NEWTON November 29,2021

The newly acquired mini electric forklift may have various problems due to unskilledness in the early stages of use. Of course, generally electric forklift manufacturers do not recommend that customers start loading operations as soon as they start. First, try it out with an empty car, try out each function, and run it in. Now let's take a look at how the new electric hand lifter is run-in and maintained.

Earlier we mentioned that the new electric hand lifter should be tried first. The purpose is to check whether there are problems with each component. If any problems are found, they should be repaired in time or contact electric forklift manufacturers to replace parts. Don't ignore any problems.

Carry out pre-inspection on time, and pre-inspect the mini electric forklift before major operation needs, and replace the hydraulic oil and lubricating oil in advance. If everything is normal, just do the warm-up work.

Sometimes novice operators encounter new products, and if they do not pay attention to maintenance and operation specifications, then electric forklift manufacturers have to regret that when "two new" meet, "there must be a wound." In order to avoid accidents, we must be cautious about the maintenance and use of the electric hand lifter.

For safety reasons, the maintenance responsibility of mini electric forklift is the top priority. Driver's operating specifications are also the top priority. The requirements for the driver are as follows:

Completely check the function keys before starting;

Start after standing or sitting firmly;

Start after taking safety measures;

Make sure that the safety lights, etc. can be used normally before starting;

Make sure the surrounding environment is safe before starting;

Start after confirming that the loaded goods meet the load-bearing standards;

The new mini electric forklift must be used and moved every day. Don't be idle for a long time. If it is not used for a long time, clean the dust on the surface of the forklift before starting to use it. Check the power of the electric hand lifter and the lubrication of the parts.

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