Mini electric forklift failure and repair


Published by NEWTON December 02,2021

mini electric forklift


When forklift manufacturers in china face customer inquiries, all kinds of problems about mini electric forklift failures and maintenance will be delivered. Below we will summarize the common failures and repairs of various components of the small electric forklift.

1. The mini electric forklift is weak or unable to lift

If the lifting capacity of the fork has been very good and suddenly deteriorated, it may be that there is a problem with the hydraulic system. It is necessary to check whether the hydraulic oil is leaking. If there is leakage, cracks or nozzle damage, forklift manufacturers in china It is recommended that you wipe the interface of the small electric forklift's cylinder oil pipe hydraulic pump station with a quick rag. After wiping, observe where there is a leak again. Where the oil stains reappear, there must be a problem. If the hydraulic oil pipe is leaking, it may be that the hose is split and needs to be replaced; if the hose is not leaking, check whether there is a leak in other places along the rod. If a large amount of oil stains are found in a certain part, it is likely that the seal is leaking and needs to be replaced immediately.

mini electric forklift

2. The mini electric forklift motor is too hot

Forklift manufacturers in china small electric forklift will carry out quality inspection before leaving the factory, and will be issued only if there is no problem in the trial. If the motor of the new mini electric forklift is overheated, please contact the manufacturer first. In this case, the small electric forklift may be bumpy during transportation, the wiring or other places where the link is loose or the link should not be accidentally contacted. We need to disconnect the power first, and then check the fault problem. If it is a mini electric forklift that has been used for a long time, first we need to check if the equipment has been used for a long time, there will be dirt and debris clogging the radiator port, causing the engine to overheat. Check whether there is mud or dirt on the radiator port. If there is, use clean water to slowly clean up the dirt. After cleaning, start the engine to see if it improves. If there is still overheating, it means that there may be corrosion in the radiator and the radiator needs to be replaced.

3. The mini electric forklift device cannot be started

In such cases, the first thing forklift manufacturers in china requires is to check the battery pack. Check whether the circuit of the battery pack is properly connected, and check whether the battery shell and the connection end are corroded. If it is normal, is it normal to check the battery capacity? If the working efficiency of the small electric forklift is lower than 80% of the normal efficiency, forklift manufacturers in china suggest replacing the battery.

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