What is the difference between counter balanced forklift and reach lift truck?


Published by NEWTON October 19,2022

Both the reach lift truck and the counter balanced forklift are mechanical vehicles used for cargo handling, stacking and short distance transportation. In recent years, they are widely used in warehousing, logistics and other industries and are favored by enterprises. Many people will have doubts when purchasing electric forklifts. They are bot common electric forklifts, what is the difference between them and how to choose them when purchasing? The electric forklift manufacturer will give a detailed introduction to this problem.

reach lift truck

Reach lift truck refers to a kind of transport vehicle whose mast can move forward and backward. It uses battery as its power source, which is environmentally friendly, pollution-free and low noise. It is small in weight and slow in driving speed. It is generally used indoors. There are two types of reach lift truck: car driving and station driving. The reason why the counter balanced forklift is called this name because there is a very heavy iron block at the rear of its body, namely the counterweight. It is divided into three wheel and four wheel, front wheel drive and rear wheel drive. Its climbing ability and ground adaptability are stronger. Next, the electric forklift manufacturer will talk about how to choose two kinds of forklift.

The characteristic of the reach lift truck is that the lifting height of the gantry is relatively high, and the load capacity will not decrease with the increase of the goods. Moreover, its turning radius is relatively small, which is conducive to the transportation and handling of goods in narrow channels. In addition to the common advantages of the reach lift truck, the reach lift truck of the electric forklift manufacturer has the stepless speed change function, which makes the operation easier; Forged fork, with stronger bearing capacity; Hall sensor reduces the wear of electronic components and has a longer service life; The operating handle is equipped with an emergency reverse switch, which makes operation more safer. The counter balanced forklift has the characteristics that the load capacity will decrease as the lifting height of the goods increases. But its driving speed is faster, its service life is longer, its endurance is longer, and its carrying capacity is stronger. The counter balanced forklift of the electric forklift manufacturer has a wide view, which can monitor the goods during operation; Explosion proof LED lamp is installed to facilitate night operation; Equipped with emergency power-off button, which can cut off the power supply in the shortest time.

reach lift truck

In general, although both the reach lift truck and the counter balanced forklift are mechanical vehicles used in warehousing, logistics and ports, there are still many differences in operating principles and characteristics. Enterprises can measure and compare according to their own requirements when selecting electric forklifts. If it is still difficult to make a choice, they can contact the electric forklift manufacturer for consultation.

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