How to review the forklift quotations provided by forklift manufacturers in chin


Published by NEWTON November 29,2021

small electric forklift

How to review the forklift quotations provided by forklift manufacturers in china?

When we consult the electric forklift manufacturers in the early stage, we will usually specify the increased load and quality requirements. See the forklift quotation based on demand.

There are generally many types of small electric forklifts. The ones without stacking function are electric hydraulic pallet trucks. Electric hydraulic pallet trucks can be divided into full electric and semi-electric pallet trucks. The stacking functions are semi-electric stackers, fully electric walking stackers, fully electric standing stackers, three-wheel forklifts and four-wheel forklifts.

When we look at the product quotations of forklift manufacturers in china, we can hear the above functions to distinguish the forklift quotations they provide in which grade, and compare all quotations by function.

After classification, we will make another product quality ranking according to their configuration. So what is the configuration of the small electric forklift?

small electric forklift

The main power source of the small electric forklift comes from the battery. First of all, let's take a look at how big the battery is included in the forklift quotations of forklift manufacturers in china? The standard battery of each manufacturer is different. Generally, the battery of the pallet truck is smaller than the battery of the electric stacker, and the electric motor is also smaller.

Secondly, we have to look at the controllers of small electric forklift. There are domestic and imported controllers, as well as imported brands. Domestic brands will be cheaper than imported ones. In this regard, we can focus on the reference price of price comparison.

For the comparison of forklift quotations, you can also refer to the thickness of small electric forklift plates. How high is the raised mast of the stacker? How many sections are the masts? What type of steel is used by forklift manufacturers in china?

In addition to the comparison of some large items, you can also pay attention to the details of the following small electric forklift, look at the shape, workmanship, shell joints, etc. Is it clear to view forklift quotations in this way?

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