What are the functions and characteristics of electric pallet trucks


Published by NEWTON June 23,2022

small electric lift platform

We see on TV that there is a kind of handling vehicle in many warehouses. This is our current small electric lift platform. We can also see individual ones in normal scenes, because forklift manufacturers are a very common warehouse forklift manufacturers. It can be seen on many occasions, so some people like to ask, why do forklift manufacturers still use electric forklifts? In fact, this is the same as what we usually use. One thing has one use. Forklift manufacturers will tell us its use and function.

The small electric lift platform is the main handling tool in warehousing and logistics handling. The electric pallet truck is driven by electric energy. The switch on the handle of the control arm controls the walking, and the control arm controls the steering. It has the advantages of labor saving, energy saving, environmental protection, high efficiency, safety and reliability, and noise. Small and other advantages, forklift manufacturers told us that the advantages of electric pallet trucks are very obvious, and their functions can be used in various occasions.

The small electric lift platform uses an electric hydraulic pump to lift and lower, and uses an electric control (chopper) or a domestic resistance electric control to adjust the travel speed. Available in various sizes with and without pedals. There are two types of installation methods: vertical and horizontal motors. Compared with imported small electric lift platforms, domestic electric pallet trucks are generally not equipped with power steering systems. Forklift manufacturers suggest that our electric pallet trucks have many specifications, each of which has its own characteristics, and the choice is also cautious.

Most of the imported small electric lift platform have already installed power steering systems. Electric pallet trucks are suitable for heavy-duty and long-term cargo transfer, which can greatly improve the efficiency of cargo handling. This machine is designed for ultra-thin body, infinitely variable speed, ultra-small turning radius, firm body, light and flexible action, no noise, no pollution, long working time on one charge, reliable performance, widely used in logistics, warehouses, factories, hospitals , schools, shopping malls, airports, stadiums, stations and airports, etc.

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