Safety rules for walk behind forklift


Published by NEWTON June 23,2022

walk behind forklift

Our factory workshop is not very large, and the space is not rich. If you are a large electric forklift, you cannot enter and complete the work, so we produced a walk behind forklift for us, which is not as big as an electric forklift. However, he has the unloading and loading requirements that electric forklifts can meet, and when walk behind forklifts work at heights, they are more delicate and meticulous than electric forklifts, which greatly reduces the difficulty of manual work at heights. So do we think it's safe to do this? Let our electric forklift manufacturers give us a look at the usage specifications of the vehicle.

First of all, we need to walk behind forklift for pre-job training: our operators need to be trained and qualified before they can operate the equipment. During the operation, they need to comply with the relevant safety operation specifications. The equipment cannot carry personnel. When the fork is lifted, the goods No one can stand under and around the fork. You must study and strictly abide by the operating procedures, and be familiar with the vehicle performance and the road conditions in the operating area. Electric forklift manufacturers remind us to master the basic knowledge and skills of maintaining forklifts, and do a good job in vehicle maintenance according to regulations.

In the walk behind forklift vehicle operation, try not to use long-term and long-distance acceleration. When the vehicle starts and the speed increases, stabilize the accelerator pedal. If the road conditions are good, the vehicle will continue to accelerate. When the vehicle needs to decelerate, release the accelerator pedal and lightly step on the brake pedal, so that the energy of deceleration can be fully utilized. If the vehicle has a regenerative braking function, the kinetic energy during deceleration can be recovered. Electric forklift manufacturers tell us that when walk behind forklift is going down the slope, do not disconnect the circuit that drives the motor, gently step on the brake pedal to make the vehicle run in a regenerative braking state, use the kinetic energy of the vehicle to go down, and reduce the energy consumption of the battery .

After the work is over: the walk behind forklift needs to be parked on a dry and level site, the gantry of the equipment should be in a vertical position, lower the position of the oil cylinder; turn off the power switch. Check the tightness of the hydraulic system, check the battery power, and charge it in time.

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