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Published by NEWTON August 19,2022

electric lift pallet stacker

The electric lift pallet stacker often has the phenomenon that the water temperature is too high. Many friends have called for consultation on this issue. Regarding this point, electric forklift manufacturers will explain to you in detail the structure and working principle of the cooling system of electric forklifts. I hope that we can always contact your doubts during the explanation process and solve the problems you encounter in the process of using electric forklifts.

Let us first explain the structure of the electric lift pallet stacker cooling system. The cooling system is composed of cooling fans, radiators, thermostats and other components. The cooling fan is directly driven by the engine, the speed is consistent with the engine speed, and the cooling water temperature is mainly adjusted by the thermostat. electric forklift manufacturers The characteristics of this structure are convenient for maintenance and cost saving, but the control effect of cooling water temperature is not very ideal. The water temperature mainly depends on whether the thermostat works normally, whether the water pump can supply enough pressure, and whether the speed of the cooling fan meets the standard.

Let's follow electric forklift manufacturers to see how to check the thermostat. During the period of electric lift pallet stacker engine cold start, there will be obvious temperature difference when the inlet and outlet pipes are touched by hand, and the temperature difference will be significantly reduced after working for a period of time. When the engine reaches normal operating temperature, there is no noticeable temperature difference. However, the accurate way to judge is to remove the thermostat, put it in water, gradually heat it, and check the opening temperature of the valve and the valve lift.

Electric forklift manufacturers suggest that when checking the water pump of the electric lift pallet stacker, it is mainly to see whether the water pump can supply enough pressure. When adding cooling water, if the coolant level drops significantly with the increase of engine speed, it means that the water pump is working normally. Otherwise, the water pump and the impeller may be loose, and the cooling water cannot be circulated. Then it's time to check the cooling fan. Press down the middle of the belt with your fingers, the lower deflection should be 11-13mm, which is normal. When checking the air volume, place a thin piece of paper in front of the cooling water tank. The protective cover is complete and effective.

The heat sink located at the end of the electric lift pallet stacker should also be checked. If the dust and impurities on the surface are not cleaned in time, it will seriously affect the heat dissipation effect, but high-pressure water guns should not be used, because the tube wall of the radiator is very thin, and high-pressure cleaning will sag the tube wall and affect heat dissipation. In addition, electric forklift manufacturers also remind you not to use hard water, this is to avoid scaling, resulting in insufficient cooling water.

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