Precautions before storing electric forklifts


Published by NEWTON November 25,2020

Electric forklifts

Electric forklift truck are widely used in warehouses, factories and other fields, providing people with great convenience. But when we use the equipment, we must pay attention to the maintenance of the equipment. We cannot ignore the equipment after use, because there is maintenance work waiting for us to do before storage. How does it work? Let's take a look.
The first thing to do is to thoroughly clean the surface of the electric forklift, check the brakes, and the hydraulic oil level. If the amount of hydraulic oil is small, add hydraulic oil as needed. If there are mechanical parts without surface coating treatment, be sure to apply a thin layer of lubricating oil or grease to the surface to lubricate the electric forklift, and to charge the battery regularly.

Electric forklifts

Unplug the battery when charging, clean the battery, and apply special grease on the motor bolts. If the electric forklift is not used for more than 2 months, we recommend storing the electric forklift truck in a frost-free and moisture-free dry space. In this process, the forklift should be supported by the bracket, and all wheels should be off the ground to avoid the loss of wheels and wheel bearings during storage.
If there is a problem with the switch of the electrical system, it is recommended to spray contact spray on the exposed contact surface, and to remove the oxide layer on the contact surface of the operating element through repeated switching operations. After the electric forklift is put into use, the driver needs to repeatedly test the braking performance to ensure that it is correct.
In addition, it is very important to ensure the safety of the charging room when charging the electric forklift, otherwise gas will enter the battery and cause the wrong extension cable charging device to be connected. A damaged connection cable is short-circuited, which increases the risk of collision damage. Therefore, we have to learn about the maintenance of the battery room of the electric forklift. Gas is generated when the battery is charged. This gas may be harmful to the human body. Therefore, a good exhaust system should be installed in the storage place of the electric forklift truck, and then a professional hygienist should evaluate the situation. No matter when, safety issues are the top priority, so we must be foolproof.

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