What are the non-standard specifications of the all-electric pallet truck?


Published by NEWTON May 13,2021

electric transpallet forklift

Standard specifications of electric transpallet forklift are used for single-sided pallets, such as nine-leg pallets or Sichuan-shaped pallets; double-sided pallets like that are not available. If you want to use double-sided pallets, you must customize ultra , Extended fork. If you want to carry wire coils or other things in coils, you need to change the fork, change it to an inner inclined fork, or a triangular fork.
The standard configuration of the fork of the electric transpallet forklift is a flat plate-pressed fork. The size of the fork is 1000*160*50. If you change the fork, you can have many choices. The fork can be changed to a single fork, and the size is 1000* 320*50, or lengthened single fork. Or shorten the single fork.

electric transpallet forklift

The electric pallet truck can also lengthen the forks, which can be as long as 1.8 meters at present. In addition to the length of the pallet, its width can also be customized, and the single fork width is 140mm, 150mm, 160mm, 180mm, 185mm and so on.
Electric pallet trucks can be equipped with other parts besides the size specifications can be customized. For example, the standard stand-on all-electric pallet trucks are not equipped with protective fences, and protective fences can be added as required; the battery standard of electric pallet trucks It is generally equipped with lead-acid batteries, and lithium batteries can also be exchanged as needed. In addition, the battery capacity can also be replaced as required. Other details depend on how the customer uses it. Some temporary modifications have special requirements during customer use and need to have some special functions, such as adding some ccessories, such as hooks, protective baffles, etc. In addition, regarding the wheels of electric pallet trucks, customers often request to change larger rubber wheels, which is beneficial to the use of the vehicle under bad road conditions. If the rubber wheels are changed, the car needs to be modified according to the specifications of the wheels. .

electric transpallet forklift

The above are some examples of customization options. If you have other needs, all electric pallet truck manufacturers welcome you to call for consultation.

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