What are the specifications of the pallets used by the electric transpallet fork


Published by NEWTON May 13,2021

customized electric pallet truck

There are generally two types of pallets applicable to electric transpallet forklift: nine-legged (nine-foot) and Sichuan-shaped pallets. In general, double-sided pallets cannot be used. If you must use double-sided pallets, then you need to customize the electric pallet truck, and the specific details of the customized electric pallet truck, we will introduce next. Let's first introduce in detail the conventional pallet sizes related to all-electric pallet trucks.

customized electric pallet truck

The full electric pallet truck has two kinds of fork widths of 550mm and 685mm. The conventional sizes suitable for 550-wide nine-leg (nine-foot) pallets are: 1100*1100*140, 1200*1000*140, 1200*1000*140 , 1200*1000*140, 1200*800*150, 1200*800*150mm. Since the nine-legged pallet can be loaded with forks both horizontally and vertically, the 1200mm pallet can also be used for the 685 full electric pallet truck. The Chuan-shaped pallet can only fork one side, and the pallet suitable for 550 is: 1100*1100*155, 1000*750*150mm.
There are standard pallets that are suitable for 685 outside width. The top of the nine-leg pallet has been listed one by one. Here is a look at the dimensions of the Chuan-shaped pallet: 1200*800*150, 1200*1000*155, 1200*1200*155 , 1300*1100*155, 1200*1000*150, 1200*1000*150, 1200*1000*150, 1200*1000*170, 1200*800*150mm.

customized electric pallet truck

Due to the differences in the use environment of individual customers, or the special goods being transported, the pallets used are customized pallets, so a customized electric pallet truck is required. The double-sided pallet mentioned earlier also needs to be customized. So what specific details should be paid attention to when customizing a truck? What are the main areas that need to be changed? Customized pallets mainly depend on the fork length of the pallet, the width of a single fork, and the lowest height of the fork surface. The outer distance between the two forks is also called the fork outer width, the inner distance between the two forks is also called the fork inner width, and the fork lift height. Customized truck fork width, fork inner width, fork outer width, minimum height and maximum height are closely related to the size of the pallet. Once completed, they are generally non-refundable without quality problems, so they must be customized when customizing It is necessary to communicate accurately with the supplier electric transpallet forklift to avoid unnecessary trouble and loss.

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