What are the methods for maintaining electric forklifts in hot weather?


Published by NEWTON October 22,2020

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In the past summer, as a manufacturer of electric forklifts, we received customer information when we visited customers on the phone.

Some consultations on the maintenance of electric forklift truck in summer are now summarized.  There are also some problems that have been overlooked by customers. Let’s make up Charge:
In summer, when communicating with customers about maintenance of forklifts, the first thing we think of is that the distilled water of the forklift batteries needs to be replenished in time. Because the water evaporates faster in summer. It is easy to cause the battery liquid concentration of the battery to be too high. Furthermore, for the hot season

It is necessary to ensure that the loss of electric forklifts is small, but also to ensure the mental state of the operators to work at high temperatures to speed up the operation.

Degree, shorten the operation time. So how to use electric forklifts correctly in summer to reduce the loss of electric forklifts as much as possible?
1. Before entering the heatstroke prevention period, make preparations in advance. If necessary, release the electric forklift engine, drive axle, gearbox, and steering

After cleaning the winter lubricating oil in the machine and other places, fill the electric forklift with summer lubricating oil according to the regulations.

2. Remove the scale of the cooling system of the electric forklift in time, and check the heat sink of the radiator of the electric forklift.

3. During operation, avoid overheating of the engine of the electric forklift, and always pay attention to the indication reading of the coolant temperature gauge in the electric forklift.

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4. Always check the temperature and air pressure of the electric lift truck tires. If necessary, stop in a cool place and wait for the electric forklift tires to cool down.

Continue to work after it has dropped. Venting or pouring cold water is not allowed to reduce pressure and temperature, which will easily reduce the service life of electric small forklift tires.Life.

5. Adjust the density of the battery electrolyte of the electric forklift, and clear the vent on the battery cover, depending on the situation to the electric forklift batteryFill with distilled water.

6. Avoid high-frequency use of electric forklifts. It is recommended to stop using electric forklifts after 4-6 hours of continuous use and place them in a ventilated place.Use it after cooling down for about 45 minutes.

7. When there is heavy rain in summer, try not to run the electric forklift in the open air on rainy days, and do not let the electric forklift run through water.

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8. Make sure that the driver is energetic before working on the electric forklift. For example, the driver feels tired and tired during the operation of the electric forklift.If you are drowsy or unresponsive, you should stop and rest immediately, or wipe your face with cold water to cheer up your energy to ensure the safety of electric forklift truck price operations.

9. Finally, remind you of the most important point: take heatstroke prevention and cooling measures in advance to avoid heatstroke.

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