Why does the battery life of semi-automatic stackers decrease?


Published by NEWTON October 22,2020

semi electric stacker


Why does the battery life of semi electric stacker decrease?

1. At present, the users and managers of semi-automatic stacker trucks have insufficient understanding of the importance of battery maintenance, insufficient attention, and delay in maintenance.

2. The battery maintenance of semi electric stacker truck is limited to simple maintenance work such as battery water replenishment, and there is a lack of understanding of professional maintenance methods for semi electric stacker truck.

3. The lack of professional maintenance personnel and professional maintenance equipment for the semi-electric stacker has caused the vulcanization of the semi-electric stacker battery to increase, which seriously affects the service time of the semi-electric stacker.

4. The storage battery of semi-automatic stacker truck will form obvious vulcanization after long-term storage for more than 3 months. When the battery is stored for more than 6 months, the capacity of the battery will drop to 70%. If the storage period of the battery of the electric stacker reaches 1 year, the battery will basically It was scrapped.

semi electric stacker


5. The semi-automatic stacker is over-used during actual use. Due to the long-term use of the semi-electric stacker and the failure to charge in time, the battery will generally be vulcanized within 12 hours.

6. The semi-automatic stacker forklift is not fully charged in the actual working environment, and the battery is often used when it is not fully charged, which makes the battery of the electric stacker in an unsaturated state for a long time, accelerates the vulcanization, and affects the battery of the electric stacker Time of use.

7. The semi-electric stacker is charged midway in the actual working environment. The battery of the semi-automatic stacker is often charged when the power is not exhausted, and continues to be used after it is not fully charged. For a long time, the battery of the electric stacker forklift will A "memory effect" is produced, and saturation charging cannot be completed, which affects the battery life of the electric forklift truck.

8. The electrolyte concentration of the semi-automatic stacker's battery is too high during use, the temperature will rise, and it is easy to lose water at high temperature. If the water cannot be refilled in time, the electrolyte concentration will be too high, and the electrode plate will leak after the lack of water. Accelerate vulcanization and affect the service time of electric stacker batteries.

semi electric stacker

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