Why is the price of storage and handling equipment still rising?


Published by NEWTON June 23,2021

self loading pallet stackers

Since the end of 2020, manual platform scissor lift and self loading pallet stackers have been rising. At the end of 2020, some customers were ready to place orders after consulting the products, but they hesitated after hearing the price increase, and we did not urge customers too much, because in previous years At the end of the year, customers will suspend their orders due to the increase in freight or product prices. After the Spring Festival, the price will fall back and then place the order. (Generally, there will be signs of falling after the Spring Festival. Sometimes we will remind customers if they are not in a hurry. You can place an order after the year). However, this year’s situation seems to be very special. The price has been increasing. We will add a sentence in our recent communication with customers: The price is unstable, and the price may increase. Please place an order and pay as soon as possible.

self loading pallet stackers

Due to the increase in prices, the relationship between storage truck equipment suppliers and customers is strained. There are also old customers asking why the prices are still rising? Dear, I'm really sorry that this is not ours either. In such a big environment where steel prices are priced at one price per day, some peers even suspend the order, and even ask for understanding on the spot to invalidate the verbal quotation with the customer, and stated that all quotations are subject to factual quotations. The quotation on the same day is the same day. effective. What we can do is to congratulate all the customers who have successfully placed their orders. Your products are increasing in value every day. However, from the perspective of our manufacturers, we still hope that this price increase will end quickly. The greater the price increase of raw materials, the lower our profit margin, and even the point where we lose money to protect our customers.
Dear customers and friends, no one of us is a beneficiary in this price increase, and we hope that the price of raw materials will not rise again. I would like to understand long live.

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