How much is the truck?


Published by NEWTON May 13,2021

electric pallet trucks

There are many types of pallet trucks on the market. If they are classified by driving method, they can be divided into manual pallet trucks and electric pallet trucks. Of course, the price of a manual pallet truck is much cheaper than that of an electric pallet truck.
The lowest specification of the manual pallet truck, that is, the cheapest one, is about 750, and this cylinder must be a welded cylinder, and the fork is not stiffened, so the load will be discounted. A good truck, with a full load of 2 tons, can be equipped with a small integral cylinder, thicker plates for forks, full-reinforced forks, cylinder pallets and other parts are made of cast steel that are not easy to break. A manual pallet truck with this configuration is about 860. The above is a two-ton manual pallet truck. The three-ton pallet truck is about 80 plus about two tons, and another 5 tons. The price is about 1100 on the three-ton basis, because the 5-ton pallet truck steel plate It is thicker than three tons, the forks are equipped with long ribs, and the oil cylinder is an integral large oil cylinder, the handle is rubberized, the wheels are pure nylon wheels or iron core polyurethane wheels, spring pallets, etc. It is thickened by cast steel.

electric pallet trucks

There are two types of electric pallet trucks: walking and standing. The walking one is smaller than the standing one. It is the most basic type of small walking electric pallet truck. It has advantages in places where the warehouse space is small, and its cost is relatively low. Lower, so the price is lower, generally around 8,000. It is also the higher the load, the more expensive the price. There is also the internal configuration. Motors, batteries, controllers, etc. are all important components that need to be taken into consideration. Stand-on electric pallet trucks are now 5,000-6,000 more expensive for walking-type electric pallet trucks with the same load.
Of course, our price when purchasing is not only on the configuration of the car itself, but also on the after-sales service of the truck supplier.

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