Where and how electric stackers are used


Published by NEWTON May 20,2022

Walk behind forklift

Walk behind forklift is an industrial handling vehicle powered by an electric motor and a battery as an energy source. It refers to various wheeled handling vehicles for loading and unloading, stacking, stacking and short-distance transportation of palletized goods. The International Organization for Standardization ISO/TC110 is called Industrial Vehicles. walk behind forklift includes: all-electric stacker, semi-electric stacker, forward-moving stacker, forward-moving all-electric stacker, forward-moving stacker, walking counterweight stacker. electric forklift manufacturers remind that there are many types of electric forklifts, and we also have important choices.

With the improvement of the national economic situation, walk behind forklift has become popular in our country. Now some supermarkets will also have walk behind forklift. There are quite a lot of them in our public view, but it is not only used in supermarkets. In the small industry of my country, our electric forklift manufacturers are almost in many places, they are widely used in factory workshops, warehouses, circulation centers and distribution centers, ports, stations, airports, cargo yards, etc., and can enter the cabin Loading, unloading and handling of palletized goods in carriages, carriages and containers. It is an indispensable equipment for pallet transportation and container transportation.

During the use of walk behind forklift, special attention should be paid to the timely charging of the battery and the correct maintenance of the battery. When charging the battery, pay attention to the method, not only to make the battery fully charged, but not to cause the battery to be overcharged; when the battery is in a state of deficient power, the battery should be recharged several times, and then it can return to normal; check the battery frequently. Whether the distilled water is sufficient, if it is not enough, it should be replenished in time. Electric forklift manufacturers remind us that we must pay attention to safety when using all-electric forklifts.

Maintenance of electric stacker, the maintenance of electric stacker is the most important link in the use of stacker. Generally speaking, after the (full/half) electric stacker runs for one week, it should be carried out a routine Maintenance, the efficiency and life of the (full/half) electric stacker will be extended.

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