The difference and use of manual stacker and electric stacker


Published by NEWTON May 20,2022

manual forklift 

manual forklift When we first heard the name, we knew that it must be a vehicle that can be used at heights. Yes, its main application is the industrial industry that can load, unload, stack, stack and transport goods in Chengjian's first and short distances. Model, many people want to ask, we also have electric stackers, why do we need to use manual ones? The electric stacker supplier told us that manual operation also has its own advantages and is an irreplaceable vehicle in industrial warehouses. It is suitable for operations in narrow aisles and limited spaces, and is an ideal equipment for high-bay warehouses and workshops to load and unload pallets.

Both manual forklift and electric forklift belong to the same kind of forklift, but there is a big gap in comparison, and there are also great changes in functionality and effect. The manual forklift has an advantage over electric forklifts to a certain extent. Slightly lower, the electric stacker supplier told us, but the manual stacker must have its own advantages that it has not been eliminated in the changing times.

Manual forklift is a manual stacking vehicle, which refers to various vehicles for loading and unloading, stacking, stacking and short-distance transportation of palletized goods. It is suitable for operations in narrow passages and limited spaces, with simple structure, flexible control, good fretting, and high explosion-proof safety performance. The manual stacker can be combined with pallets, containers, etc. to achieve unitized transportation, which not only reduces collisions, scratches, etc., but also reduces the workload and stacking area, and greatly improves work efficiency. If it is used for warehouse transportation, the electric stacker is time-saving and labor-saving, but the price is relatively higher than the manual one. The electric stacker supplier reminds us that the price of manual stackers is lower than that of electric ones, and the practicality also has certain advantages.

In fact, what kind of stacker we choose is determined according to our own situation. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. It is the best and safest to choose the one that is practical. From price to function, we must choose clear.

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