What preparations should be made before operating an all electric stacker?


Published by NEWTON October 19,2022

The all electric stacker is a very common logistics transport equipment. Because the lifting and moving are electric, it is called the all electric stacker. Now, more and more enterprises begin to use all electric stacker, and there is also a growing demand for talents who can drive all electric stacker. The electric stacker manufacturer told the driver that in order to learn how to drive the all electric stacker, it is necessary to know what preparations need to be made before operating the all electric stacker.

all electric stacker

First of all, wear labor protection articles before driving an all electric stacker. Check whether the surrounding ground is clean and free of stains. This step is to find out whether electrolyte, hydraulic oil, gear oil and other liquids leak from the stacker. Secondly, check whether the fork is cracked, damaged or deformed. Also check whether the appearance of the wheel is cracked and excessively worn, whether the parts are loose, and whether there are ropes and other foreign matters wrapped on the wheel that affect the running of the stacker. The electric stacker manufacturer reminds us not to forget to open the battery cover and check whether the pressing plate and battery are firmly installed and whether the wiring is loose.

In addition, check whether the fork lifting of the all electric stacker is normal. After pressing the lifting button, pay attention to whether there is abnormal noise. Press the operating handle to the tilting position, and gently press the acceleration button to see if the stacker can move forward and backward normally. Then, turn the operating handle left and right for three turns to check whether the truck can turn normally. Next is an important step. Push the operating handle forward to the vertical position or press it down to the horizontal position to check whether the vehicle's braking system is normal. Finally, the electric stacker manufacturer reminded that the emergency power off switch should be pressed to check whether the power supply can be cut off immediately.

all electric stacker

Many all electric stacker drivers will gradually relax after working for a period of time, not only do not wear labor protection articles, but also do not conduct a detailed and comprehensive inspection before operation. The preparation before operation is not a routine and a waste of time. It allows the driver to know the condition of the electric stacker in time, find out problems as soon as possible and solve them. More importantly, it is of great significance to do these seemingly tedious preparations to ensure the personal safety of drivers. Therefore, the electric stacker manufacturer recommends that the driver must make adequate preparations before each operation.

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