How to operate an all electric pallet?


Published by NEWTON October 19,2022

Stacker is now a common warehousing and logistics equipment. Among which, all electric pallet has attracted much attention in recent years and is widely popular. Its biggest difference from other pallets is that its lifting and walking are driven by electricity, which is more environmentally friendly and noise free. In addition, it has many advantages such as simple operation, simple maintenance, safety and comfort. Next, the electric pallet manufacturer will explain the operation process of the all electric pallet and show you whether it is really as convenient as advertised.

all electric stacker

First, to start the all electric pallet, first turn on the power, plug in the battery plug and turn on the key switch. To ensure safety, turn on the emergency power off switch. If you want to drive forward, press down the operating handle and slowly turn the direction and speed control button forward with your thumb. To accelerate forward, you only need to control the rotation angle of the direction speed control button. The same is true for backward moving. Press down the operating handle and slowly turn the direction and speed control button backward with your thumb. When decelerating, just slowly release your thumb, the direction and speed control button will automatically return to its original position, and the speed will decrease. The electric pallet manufacturer told us that the steering can be performed by swinging the operating handle from left to right.

It is also very simple to operate the all electric stacker to stop, just restore the pressed operating handle to the vertical position. When loading and unloading goods, slow down the speed, adjust the position of the fork, make the fork insert into the bottom of the goods accurately, the deeper the better, and make the goods firmly placed on the fork. This process needs to be careful and slow. After the work is completed, the fork shall be lowered to the minimum, the all electric pallet shall be parked at the designated position, the key switch shall be turned off, the emergency power off switch shall be turned off, and the battery plug shall be unplugged. The electric pallet manufacturer reminds that if the all electric pallet will be idle for a long time, you should remember to turn off the emergency power off switch and unplug the battery plug to avoid affecting the battery life.

all electric stacker

The above is the detailed operation process of the all electric stacker. You can see that its operation method can be clearly described in a few words, which shows that its operation is really as convenient as the electric pallet manufacturer advertised. Enterprises who are willing to buy all electric trucks can choose and buy them with confidence, which greatly saves the time for training forklift drivers and improves work efficiency. If you have other questions about the all electric pallet, you can consult the electric pallet manufacturer.

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