How to select an all electric stacker?


Published by NEWTON April 15,2024

The all electric stacker is a storage and logistics equipment with the battery as the energy source and the motor as the power source. It is mainly used for short distance transportation, stacking, loading and unloading of goods. In recent years, it is very popular among enterprises because of its outstanding advantages such as simple operation, environmental protection and easy maintenance. The electric stacker manufacturer said that the all electric stacker has been widely used in ports, warehouses, workshops, airports and other places.

However, the all electric stacker is only one of the stackers, which can also be divided into manual stacker, semi electric stacker, forward moving stacker, walking stacker, balanced heavy electric stacker and many other types. So, how should enterprises decide whether they should choose all electric stacker? Which model of all electric stacker should be selected? The electric stacker manufacturer will analyze it for the enterprise.

all electric stacker

First of all, enterprises need to see what operations they need to do with all electric stackers. Its basic functions are horizontal transportation, stacking, loading and unloading of goods. However, if the enterprise has special requirements, such as handling paper rolls, hot metal and other operations, it should consult the electric stacker manufacturer which all electric stacker can customize specific accessories to complete such operations. Secondly, enterprises should see what their own operational requirements are. The operation requirements here refer to the specifications of the enterprise's goods, the requirements for the lifting height, the width of the operation channel, and the requirements for the climbing ability of the all electric stacker. The electric stacker manufacturer reminds that the most comfortable all electric stacker should be selected based on the working nature and habits of drivers.

It is also important to see how the working environment of the all electric stacker is. Some enterprises have requirements for noise level, and the ground materials in different workplaces are also different, which requires enterprises to choose equipment suitable for themselves according to their own conditions. In addition, some enterprises need all electric stacker to operate in the cold storage, while others have special requirements for explosion protection. Therefore, enterprises should take full consideration when selecting all electric stacker, including the height of the warehouse door, the height and bearing capacity of the elevator, the height and bearing capacity of the floor slab. The electric stacker manufacturer reminds that enterprises should consider many factors comprehensively and choose carefully when selecting all electric stacker.

all electric stacker

There are many types of stackers, and there are many types of all electric stackers, which often dazzle enterprises, they do not know how to choose the best. The most basic factors to be considered are the work content, work environment and work requirements. Some enterprises also have special work needs, which requires customized special accessories to be used together with the all electric stacker. Therefore, we suggest that you consult the electric stacker manufacturer, and we will customize the purchase plan with the highest cost performance for you according to your requirements.

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