Detailed explanation of the components and functions of forklifts

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    Published by NEWTON May 24,2024

    Forklifts are mechanical equipment used to handle and stack items, which are widely used in warehousing, logistics, and manufacturing. Its core components work together to deliver efficient performance.

    The forklift power system consists of three modules: the engine (gasoline, diesel or LPG), the transmission system (mechanical, hydromechanical or hydrostatic) and the travel system (frame, suspension, cockpit).

    The forklift frame supports the components and bears the weight, the suspension absorbs vibrations, and the cockpit provides a safe and comfortable operating environment. The transmission system transmits power, and the travel system makes the forklift move.

    The steering system is divided into mechanical, hydraulically assisted and fully hydraulic to ensure responsive handling. The braking system includes mechanical, hydraulic and vacuum-assisted to ensure timely braking.

    The working device consists of a gantry system, a hydraulic system and an attachment system. The gantry system carries the goods and completes the lifting, tilting and other actions, the hydraulic system provides power, and the attachment system expands the functional range of the forklift.

    The operator panel is equipped with various buttons and indicators for easy control. The cab provides a comfortable working environment for the operator.

    Safety devices include speed limiting devices, seat belts, overturning protection devices, and alarm devices to ensure workplace safety. Speed limiting devices control speed, seat belts provide protection, overturn protectors prevent tipping, and alarm devices provide warnings.

    Forklifts are complex and precise, and the individual components work together to make them highly efficient handling and stacking equipment. With proper use and maintenance, its safety and efficiency can be guaranteed.

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