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Published by NEWTON August 19,2022

double electric pallet jack

The new generation of double electric pallet jack, walkie rider pallet jack and motorised pallet jack developed by electric forklift manufacturers are easier to operate, more powerful, and more ergonomically designed.

The body of the new electro-hydraulic forklift is smaller, and the body is lighter while meeting the quality requirements. This feature is more suitable for the working conditions of loading and unloading elevators. Compared with the old motorised pallet jack, it can carry more cargo into the elevator. And can work on the floor with small bearing capacity.

After a series of experimental investigations, electric forklift manufacturers have taken into account the problems of wear and silence of the casters of the double electric pallet jack, and added a special process on the basis of the traditional iron core polyurethane wheels to extend the service life of the casters.

In terms of the walking speed of the battery truck, the traditional walkie rider pallet jack control button only has a start and stop switch, and a direction changeover switch. The speed control switch is also a simple tortoise and hare speed adjustment. The new motorised pallet jack can adjust the speed, which is more convenient to operate.

double electric pallet jack

The up and down buttons of the double electric pallet jack can even carry the goods smoothly. When the goods are placed, the lowering function is activated, and the goods are also stable and there is no sense of vibration.

Electric forklift manufacturers take into account the ease of operation of the walkie rider pallet jack. The above-mentioned various function operation buttons are concentrated on the handle of the motorised pallet jack, so that the operator can simply operate with small hand movements. Save time, improve efficiency and greatly improve the safety of operations.

The new double electric pallet jack adds a shock absorption system on the basis of the traditional motorised pallet jack. The pressure of the driving wheel can be changed according to the weight. The shock absorption system will take care to reduce the shock, especially when working on uneven ground. , The quality of the shock absorption system will be highlighted.

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