forklift manufacturers in china take you to understand the transmission of equip


Published by NEWTON June 23,2022

forklift manufacturers in China

In the equipment of forklift manufacturers in China, the DC motor ascending motor is used to transmit power to the driving wheels. This power is divided into mechanical force and hydraulic pressure. Among them, the gearbox, clutch and drive axle constitute the transmission device. The hydraulic transmission of the small electric forklift is composed of a hydraulic torque converter, a power shift transmission and a drive axle. The hydraulic transmission device is composed of hydraulic pumps, valves and hydraulic motor components.

Below, forklift manufacturers in china will take you to understand the characteristics of the transmission device of the equipment. The number of gears and speeds for forward and backward gears of this device are relatively consistent. So someone will ask: Is there any difference between AC and DC in the motors of the small electric forklift? Our answer is yes. The walking motor used by the AC equipment is an AC motor, and the ascending motor is used to transmit the motive power.

forklift manufacturers in China

In order to avoid accidents of electric stackers, forklift manufacturers in China have made some improvements in charging center distance, mast inclination, large lifting height, large driving speed, small turning radius, small ground clearance, wheelbase, wheelbase, etc. The improvement makes it easy to find and replace the deteriorating hydraulic oil in time.

When the battery of the small electric forklift is exhausted, it must be charged in time, and the storage time cannot exceed 1 hour. And in the charging process, do not overcharge or undercharge, otherwise it will shorten the service life of the battery. Forklift manufacturers in china also emphatically remind you everyone is to pay attention to whether there are impurities in the battery, and try to avoid this from happening. The charging environment must be well ventilated, and open flames are strictly prohibited to avoid accidents.

When it comes to ventilation, forklift manufacturers in china will also give everyone an understanding of the cooling performance fan system of the small electric forklift. It includes a radiator and a windshield. The radiator is also called the water tank, which is composed of three parts: the water inlet chamber, the water outlet chamber and the radiating core. The cooling fluid flows in the radiator core, the air passes outside the radiator core, and the heat absorbed by the cooling water from the internal combustion engine is transferred to the outside to circulate. The windshield is used to improve fan efficiency and speed up heat dissipation.

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