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Published by NEWTON May 20,2022

forklift manufacturers in china

I don't know how many people understand this: the charger configuration and service life of the special battery for forklift manufacturers in china direct sales equipment depend on the performance of the charger. We can take the battery of a scrapped small electric forklift device as an example, and dissect it. We can easily find that the cathode of the battery is severely vulcanized, and the anode is corroded or broken. It is not difficult to understand why there is accelerated vulcanization in the battery. Namely lead sulfate crystals.

The use of equipment is to improve work efficiency, but once the equipment has a problem, there is no way to talk about it. Therefore, the maintenance of equipment is very important. So, how to maintain the equipment directly sold by forklift manufacturers in china? Here, the key point we want to talk about is to extend the service life of small electric forklift batteries.

When the motor lock system is in the alert state, the controller will automatically lock the motor, and the controller will hardly consume power. If there are no special requirements for the motor, the device can be used normally when the battery is under-voltage or other abnormal conditions. Here, direct sales of forklift manufacturers in china will tell you about the self-check function. The self-test is divided into dynamic self-test and static self-test. As long as the small electric forklift controller is powered on, it will automatically detect the status of the related interface. If a failure occurs, the controller will automatically implement protective measures to ensure safety. When the fault is eliminated, the protection status of the controller will automatically recover.

forklift manufacturers in china

The use of the hydraulic priority valve reduces the noise of the whole machine while also improving the reliability of the transmission system. This also greatly enhances the traction, gradeability and lifting speed of the equipment. Direct sales of forklift manufacturers in china feel that not only the work efficiency is guaranteed, but also the start-up is fast, even in the low temperature state, the start-up is still very good.

The small electric forklift engine cooling system uses a large-capacity water tank, which also greatly improves the cooling effect. After adopting the new crank slider type (transverse cylinder type) steering structure, the angle error is reduced, and the transmission angle becomes larger. This mechanism has very good characteristics. Forklift manufacturers in china believe that hydraulic braking not only makes braking safer, but also greatly enhances the reliability of the equipment.

The sound insulation and heat insulation effect of the small electric forklift's glass and steel hood is also a highlight of the equipment. It not only effectively protects the operator, but also improves the working environment. It can support the boot cover at 90° to make the equipment more convenient. Clean up and maintain.

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