How to solve the lighting failure of 1 ton electric forklift?


Published by NEWTON September 16,2022

Due to large business volume and heavy tasks, 1 ton electric forklift often needs to work at night to ensure work progress, improve work efficiency and bring greater profits to the enterprise. Like cars, the 1 ton electric forklift is also equipped with LED headlights and reversing lights, so that the visibility of the operators is higher and the tasks can be accurately completed under the condition of ensuring the safety of night work. However, due to various reasons, the lighting equipment of the electric forklift may have accidents such as the lights are not bright, the lights are dim, and the lights flickers, affecting the normal operation. The following is an analysis of the causes of the problems and how to solve them by the electric forklift manufacturer.

1 ton electric forklift

If the light and horn of the 1 ton electric forklift do not light up, it is necessary to check whether the safety device jumps. If it jumps off and jumps off again after pressing it for a short time, it proves that the grounding is faulty. If there is no tripping, it is necessary to check whether there is disconnection or loose connector in the wire connecting the fuse one by one. If the light of the electric forklift is dim or the light is red, the electric forklift manufacturer recommends to check whether the lampshade is contaminated with dirt, whether the tungsten wire in the bulb is black, the capacity of the battery, the connection of the wire connector, whether the grounding is faulty, and whether the insulation of the wire is broken.

If the light relay of a 1 ton electric forklift is damaged, it is necessary to check whether the coil is short circuited, broken circuited, loose or burnt, whether the iron core gap is too large or too small, and whether the spring is too hard or too soft, and then apply the right medicine. If the light of the electric forklift is on and off, and the indicator light is not on and off, it may be that the bimetal fuse has loose contact, poor contact or burning. At this time, the driver needs to touch whether the bimetallic fuse is hot, and then check whether the bimetallic fuse has the above problems. If the above situation is true, the electric forklift manufacturer tells the driver that in order to prevent the short circuit of the bimetallic fuse, one wire can be used to connect the two terminals of the fuse to ease the urgency. Of course, the long-term solution is to replace the bimetallic fuse.

1 ton electric forklift

Lighting failure of 1 ton electric forklift will bring a lot of inconvenience to night operation, not only affect the work progress, but also endanger the safety of the driver. To sum up, when encountering lighting problems, you should first check the fuse, bulb, grounding and wire. The problem is probably caused by them. The electric forklift manufacturer suggests that the driver should check one by one, solve the problems, replace the internal parts in time and resume normal operation as soon as possible.

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