What should be done before using the newly purchased 3 ton electric forklift?


Published by NEWTON August 07,2023

Now, the electric forklift has gradually replaced the internal combustion forklift and is favored by all walks of life. It is widely used in warehouses, logistics and terminals. Many enterprises will purchase a large number of 3 ton electric forklift to transport and load and unload goods. Out of the requirements for work efficiency, many drivers start to use the new forklift directly after they get it. In fact, like cars, it is better not to use the electric forklift immediately after purchasing it. It is necessary to understand and check its relevant parameters and configuration, and test its functions. The following is an introduction by the electric forklift manufacturer to what should be done before using the newly purchased 3 ton electric forklift.

3 ton electric forklift

First, check whether the tire pressure of the 3 ton electric forklift is sufficient and whether the tools and accessories are complete. Secondly, check whether the electrical parts of the joints and lines of each part of the pipeline are in good condition, whether they have been connected, whether the lighting equipment is normal, and whether the electrical instruments and horns can work normally. You also need to check whether the battery is fully charged. The electric forklift manufacturer reminds that the 3 ton electric forklift can only use the current generated by the battery, and it is forbidden to use the rectified AC to avoid damaging the electronic components.

Not only should the inspection be carried out, but also the driver should carry out the test. Correctly wear the labor protection articles, fasten the safety belt, try to turn on the power switch and start the 3 ton electric forklift. Start or stop slowly to prevent danger. If you need to change the driving direction during driving, you should first release the accelerator pedal and then turn the steering wheel. The electric forklift manufacturer recommends that when the electric forklift is running, the load should be the lowest, do not overload, and the height of the forklift from the ground should not exceed 300mm, so that the driver can conduct commissioning more safely and easily.

3 ton electric forklift

Everyone knows that the newly purchased car needs to be inspected and tested, and so does the 3 ton electric forklift. In case of problems or operating difficulties, enterprises and drivers need not worry. Jiangsu electric forklift manufacturer is equipped with 24-hour online service and perfect after-sales system, and will also conduct two free product safety trainings, so as to ensure that drivers can use the new electric forklift safely and quickly and improve the economic benefits of enterprises.

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