How to use double electric pallet jack


Published by NEWTON June 23,2022

The method of using double electric pallet jack is not difficult to say, but which makes perfect. Of course, practice makes perfect. If you don’t understand, you can ask forklift manufacturers in china. Let’s take a look at how to do it.

The basic operation of the electric hydraulic pallet truck is the lifting and lowering of the fork, and the forward and backward of the car. First of all, let’s look at the lifting and lowering. The lifting height of the walkie rider pallet jack is generally 200 MM. This height is just enough to lift the pallet and lift off the ground, keeping a distance from the ground, just to walk freely. There are specifications for the use of double electric pallet jack and pallets. Generally, there are two specifications for the car, the width is 685MM, the fork length is about 1200, the general pallet size is 1200*1200mm; the narrower is 550MM, The fork length is 1100MM, and the applicable pallet is 1000*1000. Forklift manufacturers in China reminded that pallets should be nine-legged or Sichuan-shaped pallets. Double-sided Tian-shaped pallets cannot be used. Even if the fork of the walkie rider pallet jack can pass through the jacks of the double-sided pallet, it cannot be lifted. This is the obstacle.

To use the double electric pallet jack, pay attention to the functions of each button. There is an emergency power-off button on the car body, also called an emergency stop button. On the handle is the fork lift button and the forward/backward knob. Attention should be paid when turning the knob. Don't spin violently and accelerate quickly. Try to spin slowly. After proficiency, driving will be much easier. There is also a tortoise and hare adjuster on the handle, and the tortoise speed and the hare speed can be freely switched. When the gear is adjusted to the tortoise speed, the speed of the walkie rider pallet jack will be limited, and it will not be too fast when accelerating. Suitable for use in small spaces. When adjusted to the rabbit speed, it is suitable for use in a wide area with few people, and suitable for longer driving distances.

The use of double electric pallet jack and a lot of details are experienced during use. The use of pallet trucks produced by different forklift manufacturers in china is also slightly different, and we need to adapt to it first.

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