Manpower motorised pallet jack


Published by NEWTON May 20,2022

double pallet jack 

What is a Manpower motorised pallet jack? In the previous forklift manufacturers in china, we talked about manual motorised pallet jack. Actually, it has the same meaning as manual motorised pallet jack. But the previous article only talked about the semi-electric stacker and manual stacker with stacking function. So can the motorised pallet jack be a double pallet jack without electric lifting function? The answer is yes. The double pallet jack without electric lift function of forklift manufacturers in china is called semi-electric double pallet jack.

Manpower motorised pallet jack, as the name suggests, requires manpower to assist in operation, walking or lifting. The lift mileage of the truck is generally 110MM, so this part of manual effort is not a big deal. Therefore, the design of double pallet jack is generally electric walking and manual lifting. Such an electric hydraulic pallet truck is not inferior to the all-electric pallet truck in walking, and the all-electric pallet truck only has an electric lifting function in the fork lift.

double pallet jack 

Let’s not talk about the manpower motorised pallet jack first, let’s first look at the all-electric pallet jack we are talking about. The all-electric pallet truck can also be driven and walked at different stations. The walking all-electric pallet requires the operator to walk with the double pallet. Jack performs the operation. Stand-on all-electric pallets can be driven in a standing position, and of course there are all-electric pallets that can be driven. These trucks with different functions are selected according to the use environment, work requirements and work intensity. If it is said that operators often perform double pallet jack operations, forklift manufacturers in china recommend using stand-on battery trucks or double pallet jacks for vehicles. This can reduce the fatigue of the driver and avoid accidents due to fatigue work.

Under what circumstances should a Manpower motorised pallet jack be used? When the work intensity is not very high, and the cargo is not very heavy, forklift manufacturers in china recommend to use motorised pallet jack.

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