Stock picker forklift pedestrian safety tips: raising awareness of the workspace


Published by NEWTON December 22,2021

In addition to the daily work, stock picker forklift operators have two important tasks: to protect their safety and to ensure the safety of pedestrians in the working environment of the stand up counterbalance forklift. However, if non-stock picker forklift operators take simple precautions while the stand up counterbalance forklift is walking, pedestrian safety may increase. Ultimately, it fosters a culture of communication and awareness that makes everyone safer in any environment. Here are some ideas to make your stock picker forklift work space safer.

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Stand up counterbalance forklift supervisors should give pedestrians priority access: this is a rationalization proposal and all stock picker forklift drivers should be aware of this. Due to the size and power of the stand up counterbalance forklift, the stock picker forklift operator should be cautiously parked and wait for the pedestrian to clear before driving the stand up counterbalance forklift carefully.

Pedestrians should not assume that stock picker forklift operators see them: pedestrians have access to the stand up counterbalance forklift operating area, but this does not mean that forklift operators will often see them. Pedestrians should always look at moving forklifts.

Forklift operators and pedestrians should have a clear forklift communication signal system: develop a signal system, such as pedestrians who always follow a route to their plans, helping to raise awareness of communication. It is important to ensure that all colleagues and visitors are aware of this communication system to avoid confusion.

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Optimize the visibility of your particular environment: We can't tell you exactly how to optimize for visibility. But we can tell you, to make a statistic, find out where the blind spot of the stock picker forklift is driving, and where there is an opportunity to improve visibility is very important. Do you need a mirror on your stand up counterbalance forklift or on the shelf? Do you need to redesign some warehouses to eliminate the blind turn of the stock picker forklift? Perhaps installing a flash and a horn on the stand up counterbalance forklift will help the operator and pedestrians communicate on all models. All of these are the choices for your device's specific needs.

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