Steering and braking system of straddle reach truck


Published by NEWTON May 05,2023

The straddle reach truck is mainly composed of a battery pack, a vehicle body, a follow-up support wheel, a drive wheel, a bogie, a drive motor, a steering system, a hydraulic lever, a hydraulic pump and motor, and a front wheel; Structurally, it can be divided into four parts: a forward moving mechanism, a driving device, a steering device, and a braking device. The forklift supplier has previously introduced the forward moving mechanism and drive device to you. Today, let me tell you about the steering device and braking system of the straddle reach truck.

straddle reach truck

First, let's talk about the steering device of a straddle reach truck. The steering device of a straddle reach truck can be divided into power steering and mechanical steering. Among them, power steering can be divided into hydraulic servo steering and electrical servo steering. The mechanical steering device is mainly composed of steering wheel, steering chain, rigid bogie, steering column, etc. Forklift supplier tell everyone that the steering column under the steering wheel of straddle reach trucks usually adopts a retractable universal joint structure. When the steering device fixed to the bogie swings up and down with the rigid bogie, the steering wheel can still operate normally.

For a straddle reach truck using an electric servo steering system, the input shaft and output shaft are connected by elastic devices with angle sensors, and the output torque of the steering motor is transmitted to the output shaft through a gear pair. During power steering, the angular deviation between the input shaft and the output shaft generated by the angle sensor is eliminated by controlling the rotation of the steering motor. The device can also be turned manually, with the steering wheel driven manually to rotate the wheel set. The forklift supplier tell everyone that the electric servo steering system has a simpler structure than the hydraulic servo steering system, which can save 70% to 80% of steering energy consumption, and has a small operating force during manual steering. Therefore, it is widely used.

Finally, let's talk about the braking system of straddle reach truck. The braking system of a straddle reach truck consists of two parts: service braking and parking braking. The braking device mainly consists of a brake master cylinder, a brake pedal, a hand brake lever, a brake oil filling box, a brake pressure plate, a motor brake sub cylinder, a motor disc brake pad, and a front wheel brake. The forklift supplier tell everyone that during service braking, the brake pedal pushes the brake master cylinder, dividing the hydraulic fluid into two paths: one path is sent to the slave cylinders of the two front wheel brakes to expand the brake shoes to brake the front wheels; The other way is sent to the brake cylinder at the upper end of the drive motor to push the disc brake pad to brake the motor.

straddle reach truck

When parking and braking, the brake handle of the straddle reach truck pulls the steel wire rope, driving the disc brake pad under the brake pressure plate to brake the motor. Generally, simplifying the structure of the service braking part can also meet the braking performance requirements of straddle reach truck. If the hydraulic braking part is canceled, no braking measures are taken for the front wheels, and only the drive motor is braked. The motor shaft end brakes used include pressure plate type, shoe type, or belt type brakes. In addition, the forklift supplier has told everyone that the electric motor can also be assisted with reverse or regenerative electric braking by the vehicle's electronic controller.

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