How to remove oil stains from parts of electric pallet truck?


Published by NEWTON May 05,2023

Forklift operators should pay attention to cleaning all parts and components in a timely manner after disassembling the electric pallet truck, whether for repair or maintenance. When cleaning each oil cylinder, it is best to clean it with gasoline; The brake system should be cleaned with brake fluid or alcohol; For the cleaning of other parts, cleaning agents can be selected depending on the situation, but it must be ensured to remove oil or other dirt and rust for easy inspection. Next, the pallet truck manufacturer will teach you several methods to remove oil stains. These methods can be applied regardless of the price of the forklift for sale.

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The first method is to use an alkali solution to remove oil stains from the parts of the electric pallet truck. Adding emulsifiers (liquid soap, etc.) to an alkali solution has a good effect on cleaning oil stains. The concentration of alkali solution used for cleaning should be moderate. Generally, 1.0kg of caustic soda and 0.2kg of liquid soap can be added to 100kg of water. Alternatively, the method of alkali boiling can be used, which involves boiling and washing the parts in an alkali solution heated to 70 ℃ to 90 ℃. Generally, steel parts are boiled and washed for 10 to 15 minutes, then washed with hot water after removal, and then dried for standby. Due to the corrosive effect of alkali on metals, active metals such as aluminum alloys on electric trucks should not be cleaned with strong alkali, regardless of the price of the forklift for sale. A solution prepared by adding 0.15 kg of sodium silicate and 0.2 kg of liquid soap to 100 kg of water can be used for cleaning.

The second method is to use organic solvents to remove oil stains from the parts of the electric pallet truck. Organic solvents can dissolve various oil stains without damaging parts, and are good degreasing agents. The organic solvents used in maintenance are mostly gasoline, kerosene, diesel, etc. These fluids can meet the requirements of mechanical repair and assembly without the need for special equipment, but they are costly and uneconomical. For cleaning with special requirements, such as expensive instruments, surface treatment of bonded parts, etc., organic solvents such as alcohol and acetone can be selected. Pallet truck manufacturer tells everyone that regardless of the price of forklift for sale, these solvents have strong degreasing ability, good volatility, and high cleaning quality, but they are not economical.

electric pallet truck

The third method relates to the cleaning of non-metallic parts on electric pallet truck. Rubber parts (brake cups, rubber rings, etc.) should be cleaned with alcohol or brake fluid. The truck manufacturer reminds everyone that it is strictly prohibited to use gasoline, alkali solution, and other cleaning fluids for cleaning to prevent parts from swelling and deterioration. The brake pads and clutch friction pads should be cleaned with gasoline and then dried for use. Leather parts (such as leather oil seals, etc.) can generally be used after wiping with a dry cloth. Regardless of the price of the forklift for sale, cleaning the components on the electric pallet truck according to the methods taught by the pallet truck manufacturer can ensure that the electric pallet truck is in good condition and improve work efficiency.

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